Online Course Evaluation Feasibility Study

Description of the project

Project timeline

Academic term Project activities
Fall 2000 SF State began listing fully online classes in Class Schedule
Fall 2009 Faculty Affairs Committee began investigation of online delivery methods
Spring 2010

Project handed to Student Affairs Committee;

Progress report presentations made to Academic Senate and Department Chairs meetings;

HR facilitated an informal discussion between CFA and SAC over the pilot project;

Define user requirements, definitions

Summer 2010 Conduct literature review & environmental scan
Fall 2010 Refine needs statement, conduct informal Meet & Confer with CFA, compare potential solutions, prepare study
Spring 2011

Host vendor demos for possible solution(s);

Select solution(s) for pilot study;

Select courses and faculty involved in pilot study

Fall 2011 Conduct pilot study
Winter 2012 Share results, make recommendations

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