Online Course Evaluation Feasibility Study

Description of the project

User Requirements - Summary

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) generated the following basic requirements through brainstorming sessions at SAC meetings and via e-mail messages. These requirements will be vetted by additional campus stakeholders to ensure that they are complete. The list immediately below provides an overall list of the requirements, which are then described in more detail in the following subsections (further below).

  • Course evaluation survey preparation
    • The evaluation template should start with the standard set of campus-wide questions for the summative course evaluation completed by students.
    • College deans or appointed designees should be able to add college-level questions for all courses in the college.
    • Department chairs (or AOCs) should be able to add department-level questions for all courses in the department.
    • Instructors should be able to add course-specific questions for any courses that they teach.
  • Course evaluation survey invitation
    • The college should be able to send an e-mail to each student in each course--meaning that students will get one invitation for each course in which they are enrolled--to invite them to complete the evaluation. This could be automated (last day of semester minus X days).
    • The college should be able to send a second reminder e-mail to those students who have not completed one or more evaluations yet. This could also be automated (last day of semester minus Y days, where Y
  • Course evaluation survey completion
    • Student entries should be anonymous, even though they are credited for submitting each evaluation.
    • Evaluation form should collect both quantitative and qualitative data.
    • Students should only be able to complete the survey once for each course.
  • Course evaluation survey reporting and data security
    • Only the people who are allowed to see the paper-based evaluation results should be able to see the online results. E.g., deans and department heads should only see results for professors they supervise.
    • Instructors should not be able to see results until after grades are submitted (e.g., 24 hours after).
    • Should be able to analyze results demographically, by department, or by faculty.
    • Student names should never be collected.
    • Vendor should meet or exceed FERPA regulations.
    • Personal data should be kept separate from evaluation data.

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