ANNOUNCEMENT OF RESULTS: All-University Election, Spring 2016

The Academic Senate is pleased to announce to results of the All-University Election: Spring 2016. Please join us in congratulating the following newly elected representatives:


Academic Senate, SFSU: At-Large Faculty Representative


Vidhyacharan Bhaskar: Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering, COSE
Tom Holton: Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, COSE

Academic Senate, SFSU: Staff Representative


Aimee Williams: Lead Health Educator, Health Promotion and Wellness, SA&EM

Academic Senate, CSU: Faculty Representative


Darlene Yee-Melichar: Professor and Coordinator of Gerontology, CHSS

Academic Freedom Committee


Maziar Behrooz: Associate Professor, History, LCA
Juanita Darling: Associate Professor, International Relations, LCA
David Olsher: Associate Professor, English, LCA

Honorary Degree Committee


Frederik Green: Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, LCA

University Tenure and Promotions Committee


Ned Fielden: Librarian, LIB
David Walsh: Professor, Kinesiology, CHSS

Administrative Search Committee Pool


Cristina Azocar: Associate Professor, Department Chair, Journalism, LCA
Betsy Blosser: Professor, BECA, LCA
A.S. (Ed) Cheng: Associate Professor, School of Engineering, COSE
Sarah Curtis: Professor, History, LCA
Juanita Darling: Associate Professor, International Relations, LCA
Marc Dollinger: Professor, Jewish Studies, LCA
Barbara Ann Henderson: Professor, Elementary Education, GCOE
Julietta Hua: Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies, LCA
Kitty Millet: Professor, Jewish Studies, LCA
John-Carlos Perea: Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies, COES
Belinda Reyes: Associate Professor, Latina and Latino Studies, COES
Theresa Roeder: Associate Professor, Decision Science, COB
Christina Sabee: Professor, Department Chair, Communication Studies, LCA

We would like to extend our thanks to the entire University Community for its support of San Francisco State University’s system of shared governance.