Che V. Meneses: Position Statement

March 15, 2016


Dear Members of Academic Senate Screening Committee

I am respectfully submitting candidacy for Academic Senate Staff Representative.  Along with my sixteen years work experience in student services in positions including Student Services Professional II, Sr. Graduation Evaluator, Transfer Admissions Evaluator and School Relations Program Assistant, I am an adjunct Communication instructor at Ohlone College and graduate student at SJSU. I am well versed in CSU articulation, accreditation and graduation policies and rates at multiple campuses.

At CSU East Bay I worked in both Admissions and Graduation evaluation while  providing a wide range of counseling and retention services to a diverse student population. Part of my experience includes assisting in the development of a process to recruit and retain students from underrepresented and low-income groups; assisted students from early outreach to college transition and transfer to a four-year institution; including high school outreach and recruitment; community outreach; summer enrichment programs, academic coaching, follow up and transfer planning.  In addition I have performed core counseling functions:  academic, career, and personal counseling as well as crisis intervention. 

I am proficient with the process and regulations related to admissions, evaluation, graduation and transfer. I possess the ability to analyze situations accurately and initiate an effective course of action. I work effectively and collaboratively with students, faculty, staff and administration along with outside agencies and community partners. 

The opportunity to demonstrate my commitment, talent, skills, training, and experience to significantly contribute to the success of Academic Senate efforts, would be received with gratitude.




Ché V. Meneses


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