Mary Menees: Position Statement

As a Unit 9 staff and union member at SF State for more than nine years, I know the critical role that staff has in the success of our University. Our collective contributions have an enormous positive impact on both students and faculty. I have also completed two master’s degree program at SF State, and I know how very important staff was to my success as a student.

Our University offers very few opportunities for staff to participate in University governance. If you elect me to represent your interests in the Academic Senate, I will treat your trust with great respect, and I will do my best to serve you. My actions will be guided by the values embraced by SF State’s Master’s of Public Administration program, from which I graduated: Accountability, Effectiveness, Equity, Fairness, Service, Social Justice, and Transparency.

I ask for your vote to elect me as the staff representative in the Academic Senate. I will work hard for your interests.


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