Nicholas Curry: Position Statement

San Francisco State University Electorate,

     I am seeking election to represent you as the SFSU: Staff Representative to the Academic Senate and to fill the position being vacated by Academic Senator Lorna Hill.  I came to San Francisco State University in 1998 first as a student and then as staff in 2001, and have worked with and across a variety of departments and bargaining units here on campus since—each with their unique intricacies, and each very important. 

     My experience has not been limited solely to SFSU alone, I have broader experience in a variety positions including the private sector and most recently for a Health and Human Services agency—a more in depth examination of my experience, skills and endorsements can be performed at:

     Over the years I have witnessed immense change here at this campus, and in the dynamic, diverse communities of which we are such an integral and reciprocal part.  With your vote, in the years to come, and changes afoot, it would be my honor to represent your concerns, your thoughts and your voice as the SFSU: Staff Representative to the Academic Senate.


Respectfully yours,


Nicholas “Nick” Curry, Unit 4