Position Statement: Sara Hackenberg

Senate Vice-Chair

Candidate: Sara Hackenberg 

It would be an honor to continue to serve as the SFSU Senate Vice Chair. My time in SFSU’s Senate, first as a member of the Faculty Affairs Committee, then as Chair of FAC, and this year as Vice Chair, has increased my appreciation for the crucial importance of shared governance and allowed me to gain valuable experience in negotiating on behalf of our diverse and excellent faculty body.

This year we have started many exciting projects to support faculty and staff that I would love to continue to help shape: we are working on a new Teaching Commons for faculty support and development, and we have created a new University Club that will open next year. In addition, we have been working hard to find ways to provide greater transparency and communication about University fiscal decisions and policies. As the Senate Vice Chair, I pledge to continue to work tirelessly to serve our faculty and staff, strengthen shared governance, support department rights, and uphold SFSU’s values of academic freedom and equity.

Working on behalf of our faculty, students, and University is a privilege. If I can answer any questions I can be reached at shackenb@sfsu.edu. My sincere thanks for your time and consideration.


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