Position Statement: Troi Carleton

Academic Senate Chair

Candidate: Troi Carleton

It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as Chair of the Academic Senate this past year, and it is with great humility that I seek a second term as Chair. We have accomplished a great deal this year, but I do not feel my job is yet done. There are projects that I am deeply committed to and would like to see through to the end — e.g., the inauguration of our new University Club, the establishment of a new Teaching Commons, and the retooling of the Strategic Issues Committee to take on a consultative role in the budget process and help facilitate broader transparency in the fiscal affairs on this campus.

We have faced many challenges on our campus this year, but we have also created many opportunities to engage in dialogue that has resulted in positive and tangible changes to our campus climate.  None of the projects listed above could have been launched without strong a leadership team in the Senate well as the support of faculty and staff. Equally important to the success of these projects has been the support of the administration. I have learned this year how developing face-to-face relationships with stakeholders across campus helps facilitate constructive, collaborative, respectful conversation— conversation that translates into actions that positively affect our work environment.  A second year as Chair would allow me to continue and deepen these relationships and further facilitate shared governance.

This has also been a year of transition in the Senate Office itself. I have worked hard this year with Emily Goldstein, our wonderful support staff in the Senate Office, to make the Senate Office a more accessible resource for our campus community.  We have implemented new systems to improve efficiency in all aspects of the business we do. and we are well on our way to being a more effective resource.  I would love the opportunity to finish the transformation of our Senate Office, and its online presence, into more user-friendly and accessible resources that our faculty and staff can engage for information and support. 

Finally, I am inspired by and appreciative of my fellow officers— Vice Chair Hackenberg and Secretary Lewis— who are also running for reelection. I would love the opportunity to work with them again on your behalf. 


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