2022 Distinguished Staff Awards

The awards, given annually since 2019, highlight exceptional staff accomplishments. The honorees (listed below) receive a $4,000 stipend for Excellence in Service award.

Rose Carmona-Arbulu, rcarmona@sfsu.edu

Excellence in Service Award for Staff:

The excellence in service award for staff is meant to highlight those among us who give to our campus community through dedicated hard work beyond those tasks that we are hired and paid for.  I can think of no better recipient of this award than Rose Carmona-Arbulu.  Rose has been a member of the SFSU community for many years.  She began in 2006 as a counselor in the Financial Aid office, until she transitioned to the METRO Academy in 2018 where she is currently the Student Services Lead.  But what made Rose stand out as this year’s obvious winner was the fact that while she was working as a Financial Aid counselor, she was also working on behalf of, and advocating for, undocumented students on the AB 540/Undocumented Student Task Force from 2010-2017 which became the Dream Resource Center Advisory Board where she currently serves as chair – a position she has held since 2017 – as well as working with the Continue the Dream for Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund since 2011.  The consistently heartfelt and courageous dedication that Rose has shown for our students, beyond the everyday awesomeness that she brings to her job, exemplifies Excellence in Service and holds the rest of us to a higher standard.  On behalf of the Faculty & Staff awards committee