Want to get involved? We've got a committee for you.



The smooth running of our University relies upon the efforts of faculty, staff and students through their involvement in shared governance. If you've ever thought "why do we do things that way?" or "why don't we do things differently?", I invite you to look for opportunities to serve on campus committees and task forces to see how decisions are made and to make sure your voice, and that of your colleagues, is heard. 

Faculty can sign up for the Administrative Search and Service pool https://sfsu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0I2IUHE4OofwVed, where you can be considered for committee appointments and membership on University search committees and task forces. Staff can contact one of the staff representatives to the Senate for information on how to volunteer. 

Thanks for making our campus an inclusive one in which all voices are heard and used in decision making.