2020 Distinguished Staff Awards

The awards, given annually since 2019, highlight exceptional staff accomplishments. The honorees (listed below) receive a $4,000 stipend for Excellence in Service award.

Nalini Libby- nlibby@sfsu.edu

Excellence in Service Award:

Nalini Libby is the Academic Operations Manager for the School of Cinema at SF State, where she has been since 2014. Nalini has been employed at SF State in different capacities since 2006, but she also received her B.A. from SF State in 2002, already demonstrating a high level of commitment to the University. While in the Department of Cinema, Nalini has become an integral and essential member of the department. Nalini has been completely devoted to the School of Cinema community beyond the expectations and requirements of her job title. From her actions, it is clear that Nalini is “….motivated by a desire to protect and take care of everyone in the School, from students in distress to …dealing with more mundane issues like helping new faculty figure out the process for travel funding.  She often stays late or comes in on weekends to help with events.”  She has even been known to assist in conflict management between individuals, whether they be students, staff or faculty. In a letter of support, Prof. R. L. Rutsky stated that, “…without Nalini’s constant work, the basic functions of Cinema would grind to a bumpy stop; the wheels might not fall off, but they would cease to turn effectively. Nalini is indispensable to every aspect of the School—and to everyone in it.”