Academic Calendar Policy [older]

Reference Number: S11-242
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Academic Senate Policy #S11 - 242


Academic Calendar Policy


The Academic Senate of San Francisco State University endorses the following academic calendar policy to replace the annual adoption of academic calendars.  The Academic Senate further requests that this policy be used by Academic Affairs to construct and publish academic calendars for five years in advance.  If Academic Affairs must propose a calendar that deviates from these principles the calendar must be approved by the Academic Senate; otherwise, individual academic calendars will not need senate approval.


The annual academic calendar will be constructed in accordance with state law, CSU regulations and the following principles:


1)    The fall semester begins on the fourth Monday in August and that day will be the first day of instruction for all courses. The Friday after the fourth Monday in August will be a faculty development day.  Friday-only classes will meet on that day; no other classes will meet.


2)    The week-long fall recess will be observed the week of the fourth Thursday in November.


3)    Final exams must conclude by December 22.


4)    The spring semester begins on the Thursday before the fourth Monday in January.  Thursday and Friday will be faculty development days, and the first day of instruction for all courses will be the fourth Monday in January.


5)    The week-long spring recess will be observed on the ninth week of the semester.


Commencement will be held on the Saturday following finals week.


The Academic Policies Committee and the Academic Senate retain their responsibility for the academic calendar and they can entertain proposals to amend this policy as they deem appropriate.





***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on April 26, 2011***


***Endorsed by President Corrigan on July 14, 2011***