Revised Policy for the All-University Committee on International Programs

Reference Number: F02-151
Senate Approval Date: Sunday, September 01, 2002

REVISED Academic Senate Policy #F02-151


(Formerly #S87-151)


All-University Committee on International Programs:


Membership and Operation of the Committee

The Committee on International Programs shall consist of the following members:


  • One representative elected by the faculty of each College, according to the usual procedure of the College. (8)
  •  One member of the Academic Affairs staff, designated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. (1)
  • One member representing each of the following offices: Admissions and Records, Extended Learning, and Student Affairs. (3)
  • One member of the Academic Senate, elected by the Academic Senate. (1)
  • One student selected by the Associated Students. (1)
  • The Director of International Programs, as a non-voting member. (1)

Total Membership: 15

Members shall serve for two-year terms, with the exception of the following:

  1. The members representing the Academic Senate and the Associated Students shall be selected annually.
  2. The Director of International Programs
  3. The member of the Academic Affairs staff shall serve at the pleasure of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

When the committee is first constituted, half of the members shall be appointed, by lot, to serve one year terms and half shall be selected to serve two-year terms, so as to ensure both continuity and rotation of membership. In subsequent years, all members, except for those noted above, shall serve two year terms.

Although the deans of graduate studies and undergraduate studies are not members of the Committee (unless one serves as the Academic Affairs' representative), they shall be notified and invited to participate in the meeting whenever the Committee on International Programs addresses a program which falls under their respective jurisdictions.