General Education Proposals, Procedures, Participation, and Appeals policy Revision

Reference Number: S89-162
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, May 09, 1989
Presidential Approval Date: 
Wednesday, August 2, 1989
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***This policy was superceded by F04-064: General Education Program Policy Consolidation***



General Education Proposals, Procedures, Participation and Appeals

At its meeting of May 9, 1989, the Academic Senate approved the attached Educational Policies Council recommendation for a new section regarding General Education proposals, procedures, participation and appeals. This section follows the Implementation section in the General Education Policy F80-64.

General Education Program committees consist of segment committees for Segment I and III, area committees for each area in Segment II, and special requirement committees (American Ethnic and Racial Minorities, Lifelong Learning and Development).

A. Goals

It is a goal of the General Education program to encourage the widest possible faculty participation so as to develop and maintain a program that meets the highest standards of excellence. In pursuit of this goal, it shall be the obligation of General Education Program committees and the General Education Council to conduct proposal processes for General Education components so as to facilitate broad participation and intelligent deliberation, among interested faculty, schools, departments and programs, within the committees, and in the interaction between committees and faculty; to develop understanding of the goals and procedures of the General Education Program; and to establish and maintain the integrity of the decision-making process for General Educatioin.

B. Procedures and Participation

The committees shall:

1. provide timely notice of requests for proposals to appropriate units of the University and allow sufficient time for exploration of possibilities, meetings with colleagues, and preparation of proposals or other participation in deliberation;

2. notify appropriate units of the University of pending opportunities to propose new or revised components of the General Education Program, with (a) written notification of units already directly involved or likely to be interested, including deans, department chairs, program directors, and program coordinators; and (b) general notification of all faculty through Campus Memo or other broadly distributed media;

3. provide detailed and explicit guidance to prospective developers of proposals;

4. inform faculty or units whose proposals or components require consultation and negotiation, with a view to improvement of components or proposals where feasible, with due regard to the need for timely decisions;

5. inform faculty or units whose proposals or components have been rejected of the reasons for rejection, in writing, and of possibilities and procedures for appeal.

C. Appeals

1. Faculty are entitled to appeal the decision of any General Education Program Committee to the General Education Council, on grounds of substance as well as of procedure.

2. Appeals must be filed with the chairperson of the General Education Council within one month of receipt of notification of a committee decision.

3. Appeal of a committee recommendation to the General Education Council may include consultation and negotiation, submission of additional justification in writing, and/or presentation and discussion at a hearing. Faculty filing appeals shall be notified of date and time of the General Education Council meeting at which their appeal is to be considered and shall be invited to present their case.

4. The General Education Council must reach decisions on appeals to it within two months of filing. The General Education Council decisions are recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

5. Time periods specified in this section shall not include examination periods, intersession, or summer session.