Reference Number: S88-064
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, April 19, 1988
Presidential Approval Date: 
Monday, May 2, 1988
Archival Information: 


***This policy was superceded by F04-064: General Education Program Policy Consolidation***

At its meetings of March 1 and April 19, 1988, the following amendments to the Senate's General Education Policy F80-64 were approved :

(Amendment to policy sections entitled "Distribution of Units With the General Education Component" and "Course Descriptions/Objectives")

a. All segments of the program must have a fixed number of units.

b. Students must take 9 units in each Segment II area.

c. Students must take 9 units in Segment III.

(Amendment to policy section entitled "Distribution of Units Within the General Education Component")

The lower-division unit requirement in Segment II shall be eliminated.

  1. Fixed Units
  2. No lower-division course requirement
  3. Separation of upper-division and residence unit requirements

(Amendment to policy section entitled "Required Number of Upper-Division Units")

Required Number of Upper-Division Units and Residence Requirement for

Upper-Division Transfer Students from Four Year Institutions

Students must take a minimum of nine upper division semester units in Segment III, Relationships of Knowledge, in residence at San Francisco State University during or after the semester in which they achieve upper division standing, except that:

(a) Upper division transfer students from other campuses of the California State University will be given credit for Segment III of the SFSU General Education Program if they have completed the nine-unit upper-division General Education requirement at another CSU campus.

(b) Upper division transfer students from any four-year institutions will, upon petition, be given appropriate General Education credit for courses taken elsewhere which fulfill General Education requirements at SFSU; only upper division courses taken when the student has achieved upper division status will be considered for Segment III.

(c) Regardless of approval of transfer units for General Education credit, students must still take at least nine semester units in General Education at SFSU, except as excused by petition on grounds of hardship (such as extension of time required to graduate).