American Ethnic/Racial Minorities Requirement (3-4 units)

Reference Number: S85-132
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, April 30, 1985
Presidential Approval Date: 
Thursday, May 16, 1985
Archival Information: 


***This policy was superceded by F04-064: General Education Program Policy Consolidation***

At its meeting of April 30, 1985, the Academic Senate approved the following policy regarding instruction in the area American Ethnic/Racial Minorities.

All students are required to complete at least three units of approved instruction in the Area of American Ethnic/Racial Minorities.

We define American Ethnic/Racial Minorities as those people who:

a. have identified with or seen themselves as members of a distinct ethnic/racial minority group; and

b. have been identified by others as members of that group and as such, have been systematically oppressed by the dominant society’s institutions and ideologies; and

c. have or had been excluded from sustained influence on, access to, and participation in the structures and institutions in the U.S. and the privilege of power deriving from such.

While "people of color" are understood to be the most obvious candidates for inclusion, this set of criteria is NOT intended to exclude others insofar as they meet the definition established above.

NOTE: It is the express intent of the OBJECTIVES and LEARNING OUTCOMES noted below to elicit the formulation (or reformulation) of courses specifically designed to meet these criteria from across the University.

General Objectives

Courses should:

1. Be thorough in presenting the views of one or more groups of American Ethnic/Racial Minorities both from the perspective of the group and as an integral part of American society.

2. Promote values, attitudes, behaviors and/or creative endeavors which acknowledge and respect the dignity of all groups.

3. Present a thorough analysis of the essential historical experiences, social stratification processes, basic cultural patterns, aesthetic experiences and/or ideologies of no more than four of the relevant groups.

General Learning Outcomes

After completion of the minimum three units in the American Ethnic/Racial Minorities component, students should be able to apply scholarship in the study of American Ethnic/Racial Minorities and also should be able to demonstrate at least two of the following learning outcomes:*

1. Identify the ways in which the historical and cultural /aesthetic experiences of different ethnic/racial minority groups are similar to and different from each other.

2. Identify their own value systems and/or styles of creative expression and those of other ethnic/racial groups.

3. Develop the understandings and behavioral competencies necessary for effective interpersonal and interethnic group interactions, i.e.,

a. Recognize the diversity of attitudes and values which are projected in verbal and nonverbal behavior;

b. Recognize the dynamics of interpersonal interactions from others’ perspectives;

c. Identify ethnic/racial minority stereotypes.

4. Develop their social-cultural participation skills, decision-making abilities, and political awareness in order to be effective citizens in an ethnically and racially diverse nation.

*All proposals of courses to satisfy this requirement must identify which of the following general learning outcomes the course provides.