Amplified Sound Policy for Outdoor Campus Events - OUTDATED

Reference Number: S83-102
Senate Approval Date: Saturday, January 01, 1983


Academic Senate Policy Recommendation #S83-102


At its meeting of February 15, 1983, the Academic Senate approved a recommendation from the Student Affairs Committee that the following policy be adopted for Spring 1983 through Fall 1983 and to be reviewed early in the Spring of 1984.




1) Amplification events are scheduled through the Student Life Services Office to take place on one of the following patterns:


1. Tuesday and Wednesday 12-2




  1. 2. Wednesday and Thursday 12-2


and, also


An additional hour may be scheduled for the third day (Tuesday or Thursday)


2) No amplified sound other than the campus wireless microphone may be used for outdoor events.  The Student Life Services Office will reserve the wireless microphone for any group having an outdoor event.  Music must always be played acoustically; no amplified music is allowed while classes are in session.


3) Waivers may be given for different days and hours, but never for more than two hours amplification.  Waivers must be requested in writing at least one week prior to the event.


Recognizing that sound might disrupt class activities at some times, complaints should be directed to the Student Life Services Office which is charged with administering the policy.  The Student Life Services Office is asked to keep records of complaints that can be used as data for review of the policy in Spring of 1984.




Not to be considered policy until approved by the President