Board of Appeals & Review - old

Reference Number: F81-83
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, September 01, 1981


Academic Senate Policy Recommendation #F81-83


At its meeting of December 8, 1981, the Academic Senate approved the following changes in the composition of the Board aid also brings the language up-to-date.


All students at San Francisco State University, as they work toward their educational objectives, are expected to adhere to a number of regulations aid policies which have been established by the State Legislature, the Board of Trustees of the California State Universities aid Colleges, aid San Francisco State University.


In administering these regulations and policies, the University recognizes that it must at times take into consideration the special needs of the individual student. The President, by virtue of his authority aid responsibility for the administration of the educational program in the University, has delegated to the Board of Appeals and Review the responsibility for ruling on requests for special consideration. This Board, in addition to acting on individual requests for special consideration, also evaluates policies and regulations and, when appropriate, recommends to the appropriate body reconsideration of policies and recommends modifications in interpretation and application of policies.



Membership on Board of Appeals and Review



Dean of Graduate Studies and Research


Dean of Undergraduate Studies (to be appointed by the President)


1 dean of a school (to be appointed by the President)


2 faculty members (appointed by the Academic Senate) (to serve two-year terms -- one faculty term ending each year)


Director of Admissions and Records


Director of Advisement and Counseling


Registrar (non-voting, to serve as secretary and record-keeper)


Associate Provost of Educational Support Services


2 students




*****Not to be considered policy until approved by the President*****