Consultative Procedures for Associate Provost for Educational Support Services

Reference Number: F83-114
Senate Approval Date: Thursday, September 01, 1983


Academic Senate Policy Recommendation #F83-114

At its meeting of November 8, 1983, the Academic Senate
approved the following policy recommended by the Student Affairs Committee:


The Search Committee will represent the campus in the
consultative process for the selection of Associate Provost for Education
Support Services.

Operational Assumptions:

1. Whenever
possible, a minimum of three nominees shall be recommended by the Committee to
the President. It is the position
of the Academic Senate that no person shall be appointed who has not been
recommended by the Search Committee.
The Search Committee shall seek full consensus of their recommendations
of the final slate to the President.
No name which has been rejected by three or more members of the Search
Committee shall appear on the final slate. If no nominee is acceptable, the President in consultation
with the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate shall have the prerogative
of asking the Committee to submit a new slate or of discharging the Committee
and requesting the selection of a new committee.

2. The
Committee will operate under the University’s Affirmative Action Policy.

3. The
Committee will inform the faculty periodically on its activities and will
submit a final report on the consequences of its efforts.

4. At
the time the position is formally advertised, the Committee shall inform the
campus community of the position description and the application deadlines and
invite applications and/or nominations.

5. It
is expected that extensive background checks will be made on all
finalists. When deemed necessary
on-site visits to the candidate’s place of employment shall be made.


1. 1
faculty elected by the Academic Senate* from those faculty eligible
to be elected to the Academic Senate.

2 members appointed by the
President to include one member of the staff.

2 members of
Educational Support Services professional staff to be elected by ESS.

2 students to be selected by the
Associated Students, provided that consultation with CSU legal counsel
indicates that student search committee members incur no liability thereby

2. In
selecting members of the Committee, care should be given to nominating people
who would not anticipate being candidates for the position. Should any person selected become a
candidate, he/she should resign.
If a member of the Committee who was selected through the Academic
Senate process resigns from the Committee, the person having received the
highest number of votes after that member shall replace her or him.

* Nomination Procedures:

1. Campus-wide
nominations with written acceptance of the nominee.

2. Position
paper must be submitted to the Senate

3. Position
paper will be distributed by the Senate

4. Time
frame for nominations, submission of position papers and their distribution to
be determined by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.