Distinguished Staff


Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to the Distinguished Staff Award web site. The Academic Senate recognizes the staff’s valuable contributions to all aspects of our campus’s academic life, and is pleased to announce its first annual Distinguished Staff Award for Excellence in Service. The Faculty and Staff Awards Committee (FSAC), created by the Academic Senate and comprised of faculty and staff from across Colleges and departments, promotes this award, and selects its recipient, who is in turn invited to join the Committee.

Whether in full view or behind the scenes, from advising to plant operations to updated technologies, the staff play a central role in creating the best possible conditions for the whole of the campus community. In concert, then, with faculty and administrators, the staff are crucial in facilitating the University’s mission to educate students.

Please consider nominating staff colleagues for this award. A link to the nomination guidelines follows below. For more information, please contact the Faculty and Staff Awards Committee: http://senate.sfsu.edu/content/distinguished-staff.



     Kind Regards,

  Teaster Baird, Jr.

     Chair, Faculty and Staff Awards Committee, 2019-2020

     Spring 2020


NOMINATION FORM AND GUIDELINES for the 2019 Distinguished Staff Award

The staff listed below have received Distinguished Staff Awards for Excellence in Service. Their bios follow here, along with contact information where they may be reached for inquiries. 

List by year: