Charge for the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development Advisory Board Revision

Reference Number: S07-243
Senate Approval Date: Monday, January 01, 2007

Revised Charge for the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development Advisory Board


Rationale for proposing a new charge: The former Center for the Enhancement of Teaching (CET) has been reorganized administratively. The portion of CET that dealt with technology training has merged with AV/ITV; this newly renamed Academic Technology unit is now under the purview of the Associate Vice President for Academic Resources. In addition, the newly renamed Center for Teaching and Faculty Development (CTFD) reports, through its associate dean, to the Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development. In addition, the CTFD has a renewed mission to support faculty in their roles as teachers, as scholars and professionals, and as persons, at all stages of their careers. This mission clearly encompasses the original recommendations for CET found in Senate Resolution #RS92-106, “that faculty professional development programs and activities encompass five broad areas: (1) research, scholarly activities, and creative endeavors; (2) curriculum development; (3) instructional skills development and pedagogy; (4) community development; and (5) institutional development.” In carrying out its reaffirmed mission, the CTFD will be working collaboratively not only with academic technology, but with numerous other divisions on the SFSU campus. In addition, the CTFD maintains responsibility for one of its primary endeavors: New Faculty Orientation. The Advisory Board continues as an important faculty group working with CTFD.

The Charge:

The Center for Teaching and Faculty Development (CTFD) Advisory Board shall:

1. Provide advice and recommendations regarding the ongoing activities of the CTFD;

2. Serve as liaison to its various constituencies; and

3. Provide an annual report to the Academic Senate.

Membership on the CTFD Board:

o Nine faculty, one elected from each College and the Library, who will serve staggered three-year terms;

o The Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, ex officio;

o The Associate Dean for Faculty Development (director of CTFD), ex officio;

o One representative selected by the Vice President for Student Affairs;

o One representative selected by the Director of Academic Technology;

o One representative selected by the Academic Senate;

The Board will select its own chair and vice-chair. The chair must have served on the Board for at least one year and will be elected each spring by the Board to serve a one-year term.


***Unanimously approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on April 17, 2007***