Exceptional Merit Service Award Policy

Reference Number: S84-116
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, February 07, 1984


Modifications have been incorporated by the President prior to approval.


A. Principles of Distribution within the University

The number of awards allocated to the University will be distributed on an equitable basis among the schools including the Library. The ratio for distribution will approximate the number of full-time faculty members in the respective schools in relation to the total of eligible faculty in the University with each school receiving at least one award.


B. Evaluation/Selection

Nominations from any segment of the University must be submitted to the nominee’s department with a copy to the President and the nominee. Recommendations from the department regarding all nominees shall be forwarded to the President through an elected school committee. (Each school shall determine an appropriate committee structure and forward to the President for his review a description of the procedure used.)


The school committee shall draw up a ranked list of all nominees for the awards and forward it to the President.

The President shall grant EMSA’s based on the available documentation and advice from his senior academic officers. Such advice will be shared with the respective school committee.

Each nominee shall receive a copy of all documents pertaining solely to him/her. After the awards are made, recommendations and documentation shall be returned to the candidate. The candidate may choose, following standard procedures, whether to include any of these documents in his/her Personnel Action File.


C. Criteria

EMSA’s shall be based upon “exceptional meritorious service in areas of endeavor consistent with the mission of the University” occurring during the 1982-83 academic year. Documentation, which is necessary, should be kept to a minimum.


This policy shall guide the award during Spring 1984 only.