Long-Range Planning Commission

Reference Number: F73-R-09
Senate Approval Date: Wednesday, August 22, 1973



Our University has a future. The question is whether that future is the result of directed change or is allowed to happen by accident.

It is proposed that San Francisco State University establish a Long-Range Planning Commission as outlined below. This proposal assumes the value of conscious planning. Furthermore, it assumes that those who are to be affected by the future of this University should be involved in the planning process.

Charge to the Commission

- The Commission Will

1. Analyze the University's present and future "market", taking into account not only the traditional sources of students but also investigating the possibility of serving groups of people not now served by the University.

2. Study the relations of the University to the local community, the State of California, and the international community including the role of foreign students and overseas programs.

3. Prepare a description of the missions and goals of San Francisco State University, taking into account the intellectual tradition of the University, the needs of present and potential students, and the University's responsibilities to society.

4. Examine the balance of undergraduate to graduate programs, the relationship of specialized (career-oriented) to liberal education, and the possibilities of non-degree oriented programs.

5. Develop criteria for the evaluation of present and proposed programs.

6. Study the effectiveness of the University's methods of instruction and consider possible alternatives.

7. Study the function of campus research projects and their relation to instruction in the University.

8. Explore potential resources from which the University might draw support for traditional or innovative programs. In particular, the need and desirability of self-supporting programs should be considered.

9. Examine the effectiveness of the University's organizational structure.

10. Recommend a procedure for continuing review of University planning.

Membership of the Commission

The Long-Range Planning Commission shall be composed of fifteen members, as follows:

4 Members of the Faculty* chosen through a Faculty election;

3 Members of the Faculty* chosen by the Academic Senate;

2 University Administrators appointed by the President;

2 Students, one undergraduate and one graduate, appointed by the Associated Students;

1 Member of the University Staff chosen through a University staff election conducted by the Personnel Office;

3 Individuals from outside the University appointed by the President upon the advice of the Advisory Board of the University.

*For the purposes of this proposal, "Members of the Faculty" denotes faculty eligible for election the Academic Senate, including, for this purpose, all Department Chairmen.

The Commission on Long-Range Planning may, at its discretion, establish satellite committees on- or off-campus to assist the Commission in fulfilling its charge. These satellite committees could provide the Commission with insight into the academic resources of the University and the needs of the surrounding community.

In order that the Commission can carry out its mission in a significant way, the University will provide adequate funding to support its work. The Commission will develop its support requirements. Additionally, University participants will receive released time as required, and the student participant will receive appropriate support.

The Commission is a creation of the entire University community, and as such will report its recommendations to every member of this community. In this way, the recommendations of the Commission will receive the widest possible discussion, thus smoothing the way for implementation of those recommendations which the University chooses to adopt. Appropriate policy recommendations will be forwarded to the Academic Senate for its consideration.