Credit for Remedial Writing

Reference Number: F78-039
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, December 12, 1978

Be it resolved that every student accepted into the University requiring compensatory education in writing (in order to attain the level normally required for admission or continuation in higher education) be supported by the necessary commitment of resources to the University to allow his or her participation in an appropriate level of course work before the accumulation of 24 units in residence. Not more than three units should be awarded for this work and counted toward meeting graduation requirements other than those for general education and the major. This policy shall be re-evaluated at the end of three years or at such time as a system-wide or University definition of "remedial" is made;


And be it further resolved that the University maintain records of the performance of high school graduates who come to us for undergraduate education and periodically advise the high schools of patterns of consistent deficiencies identified in their students;


And be it further resolved that the University determine and widely publicize our expectations of the level of preparation needed by high school students who are admitted as undergraduates.