Four Unit Modules

Reference Number: F83-113
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, October 11, 1983
Presidential Approval Date: 
Wednesday, October 26, 1983


RESOLVED that the SFSU Academic Senate recommends lifting the moratorium on the conversion of existing three-unit courses and the introduction of new four-unit courses, and that the SFSU Academic Senate recommends implementing the following guidelines establishing criteria for conversion or introduction:

A. Proposals for single courses other than three units should include the following:

1. The advantage of changing from three units.

2. The relation of the course to the total curriculum of the program, including the impact on the requirements for the major and for any minor, certificate, or concentration.

3. The impact on staffing and faculty work-loads in the program.

4. The impact on classroom space utilization.

B. Proposals for total or substantial conversion of a program offering three-unit courses into one offering four-unit courses should include the following:

1. The educational and pedagogic justification for the change, including a full curricular review of the program showing how conversion would maintain or improve academic quality.

2. The impact of conversion on requirements for the major, and for any minors, certificates, or concentrations.

3. The impact of conversion on requirements for other programs (majors, minors, certificates, concentrations, General Education, Liberal Studies, or all-university requirements).

4. The impact, in detail, of the conversion on staffing and faculty workloads in the program.

5. The impact on students’ scheduling, for both majors and others, including those who rely upon the program for "service" courses.

6. The impact of conversion upon classroom space utilization, within the University.

7. All appropriate paperwork regarding change in a major for review by the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee and the Academic Senate.

C. This policy will be evaluated by APC at the end of three years. This evaluation will include the impact of this policy on University curriculum, faculty staffing and workload, and classroom space utilization.