Performance Salary Step Increases (Revision)

Reference Number: F96-194
Senate Approval Date: Sunday, September 01, 1996


Academic Senate Policy #F96-194

At its meeting of September 24, 1996, the Academic Senate approved the following

revised policy on performance salary step increases (replacing interim policy

#F95-194, Performance Salary Step Increases):

This policy complies with Articles 31.17 - 31.42 of the Collective Bargaining

Agreement (CBA) between the California State University and the California Faculty

Association, as formally accepted by both parties on October 4, 1995. See

sections 31.11, 31.14 and 31.17-31.42 of the CBA for additional information

regarding the Performance Salary Step Increase Program.

I - Funding for the Performance Salary Step Increases (PSSI) Program

The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall make available, as a guideline,

the number of PSSI steps which could be funded for the University as a whole,

using the value of a step increase for the median faculty step as an approximation

of the cost per step. It is recommended that as many individuals as possible

receive an award, and that these awards be allocated equitably among the College

and equivalent units.

For the purposes of this policy, the ten college-equivalent units are: College

of Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of Business, College of Creative

Arts, College of Education, College of Ethnic Studies, College of Health &

Human Services, College of Humanities, College of Science & Engineering,

the Library, and Student Services Faculty/Professional Staff (Unit 3 counselors

and coaches).

II - Eligibility & Application

All Unit 3 employees are eligible and will receive copies of this policy and

an application/

nomination form. To be considered for a PSSI award, a faculty member must either

apply or be nominated by unit employees or academic administrators on the approved

application/nomination form (see section X). The application/nomination form

must be signed by the applicant/nominee attesting to the truthfulness of the

statements contained in the application/nomination form. No more than one application/nomination

may be submitted for any eligible employee.

Application/nomination materials will consist of the application/nomination

form, a written statement of up to five pages (double spaced, single sided)

of the applicant’s record to support the award, and a curriculum vitae which

covers the time period of the application (up to five years). To demonstrate

effective teaching performance (which is the primary criterion for award of

a PSSI as indicated in section III.A.), applicants shall submit their most recent

evaluation of teaching effectiveness in accordance with Article 15 of the Collective

Bargaining Agreement and statistical summaries of student evaluations of their

teaching effectiveness for the previous five years also in accordance with Article

15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Demonstration of teaching effectiveness

is not limited to summaries of student evaluations. No other supplementary materials

may be submitted.

III - Standards and Criteria

Teaching, as the primary mission of the CSU, should be the primary focus of

these awards. Applicants/nominees must demonstrate outstanding and exceptional

performance in one or any combination of teaching, professional accomplishments

including scholarly or creative activity, and service to the Community and/or

University. These activities should directly support the Mission of San Francisco

State University (as described in its Mission Statement). Faculty who have non-teaching

assignments may also use them for the purpose of demonstrating outstanding and

exceptional performance.

Applicants/nominees must be performing satisfactorily in all areas of assigned


The period of review will be the five years preceding the deadline for submission

of applications/nominations, or the time since the last PSSI application/nomination

which resulted in the awarding of a PSSI.

IV - Composition of PSSI Review Committees

All PSSI review committee members must be tenured faculty. A faculty member

cannot serve on more than one PSSI review committee during a review period.

A faculty member submitting an application/nomination is ineligible to serve

on a PSSI review committee charged with reviewing his/her application/nomination.

Each College/Library/Student Services faculty unit shall form a PSSI review

committee from among the tenured faculty of that unit, composed of one representative

selected by each department within the unit. If qualified faculty are not available

from a department, the department may select a representative from among the

qualified faculty in related academic disciplines. If a department does not

select a representative, the Dean of that College (or equivalent unit administrator)

may appoint a qualified faculty person to represent that department on the College

faculty review committee. Library and Student Services units will select their

PSSI review committees in accordance with the internal organizations of those

units. This shall be completed by no later than October 15, 1996. These

College/Library/Student Services PSSI review committees will be the highest

level of faculty review for the PSSI program. Each PSSI review committee shall

be composed of no fewer than three members.

V - PSSI Review Procedures

All information and deliberations regarding the PSSI review are considered

confidential. Completed applications/nominations must be signed and submitted

to the Department Chair and to the President (or designee) no later than November

1, 1996. Departments must immediately forward all applications to the appropriate

College/Library/Student Services unit review committee. Those unit review committees

must forward all applications and evaluations to the College Dean or equivalent

unit administrator no later than November 22, 1996.

All applications/nominations received by a review committee must be evaluated

and categorized as highly-recommended, recommended or not-recommended.

A majority vote, taken by secret ballot, shall be required for any committee


The committee will make its highly-recommended, recommended or

not-recommended review decision known to each candidate at the time it

forwards its recommendations. The Committee will, at the end of its deliberations,

present a summary description of its work which identifies the primary characteristics

associated with highly-recommended, recommended and not-recommended

nominees/applicants. Within units with lecturer nominees/applicants, the summary

will also include characteristics associated with nominees/applicants highly-recommended,

recommended and not-recommended in that category. The descriptions

will not identify individual applicants/nominees and shall be submitted to the

Senate no later than the second Friday in February.

VI - Review by the Dean

Each Dean or equivalent unit administrator will write a report about each of

his/her applicant pool(s) of no more than three pages providing a review of

the College faculty committee’s recommendations. These reports will accompany

the committee’s recommendations, which shall be submitted to the President no

later than December 2, 1996. Any recommendations in these reports regarding

individual candidates will be made known to them.

VII - Review by the President

The President or designee shall review all of the applications/nominations

which have been submitted, and select the recipients of the increases from among

the candidate pools by January 1, 1997. The President or designee shall also

determine the appropriate number of steps to be granted, consistent with the

limitations provided in the California Bargaining Agreement.

VIII - Peer Review of Performance Salary Step Denials

Peer review shall be conducted in accordance with articles 31.37 through 31.42

of the California Bargaining Agreement. All requests for peer review must be

submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs no later than January 15,


IX - Reporting of Awards

PSSI awards shall be reported to the California Faculty Association in accordance

with Article 31.34 of the California Bargaining Agreement, with a copy of the

report submitted to the Academic Senate. The report shall include a statistical

summary similar to that presented in the annual report of the University Promotions

Committee, presenting the total number of applicants in each college/equivalent

unit, the number given each type of recommendation by the committee, the number

in each of those categories given positive and negative recommendations by the

dean, the number in each of those categories awarded a PSSI by the President,

the number of appeals, and the outcome of the appeals.

X - Performance Step Salary Increase - Application/Nomination


(To be submitted as a cover sheet on all applications/nominations)


Date of Application/Nomination:

Date of Prior CSU Award (if received in last five years)

Department or Equivalent Unit:

College or Equivalent Unit:

My signature signifies that the information on this Performance Step Salary

Increase Application/Nomination Form and the attached statement is true to the

best of my knowledge.

Signature of Applicant/Nominee Date

Signature of Nominator (if applicable) Date