Faculty Development Days

Reference Number: S01-216
Senate Approval Date: Monday, January 01, 2001

 Academic Senate

Policy on Annual “Faculty Development” Days

(Replacing S93-185 and F78-40)


Faculty development is a university-wide responsibility

and is best accomplished in a variety of ways. Thus, the Academic Senate shall

sponsor all-university faculty development programs in odd-numbered years,

while individual colleges and programs shall plan faculty development programs

in alternate years.

1. A committee appointed by the Senate Executive Committee

and consisting of representatives from across campus shall plan university-wide

programs to be held in odd-numbered years. The fullest possible participation

of staff is encouraged as far as permitted by collective bargaining agreements.

The committee shall decide whether the program is held on or off campus.


2. In even-numbered years, faculty development will be the

responsibility of individual colleges and programs.

3. The administration shall provide support to enable as

many members as possible of the campus community to participate.

Rationale: The Academic Senate is responsible for

approving the academic calendar. Each year Faculty Development days are

scheduled during the period between fall and spring semesters, work days when

faculty are on duty but are not scheduled to teach classes. With so many campus

and systemwide initiatives, it is important for all members of the campus

community to have the opportunity to discuss issues of concern to the entire

campus community. At the same time, colleges and programs have concerns of their

own and need to have time to meet when no other events or classes are

scheduled. Thus, it is important for both types of development to be encouraged

and supported.