FC Annual Report 2015-2016




  1. Executive Summary:


            The Fellowship Committee, established in 2011, meets based on the needs determined by SF State campus deadlines for national and California State University fellowships and awards that require institutional nomination.  This academic years, the Committee has met to interview and evaluate applicants for the Fulbright U.S. Student program, and to select the University’s nominee for the 2016-17 CSU Trustees’ Award. 


  1. Charge to the Committee:


            The Fellowship Committee’s charge, per Academic Senate Policy No. S11-258, is:


  1. To keep itself informed about the program purpose and selection criteria of national fellowships and CSU awards (hereafter “fellowships”) that require institutional nomination;
  2. To evaluate the candidacies of fellowship applicants according to program criteria;
  3. To provide feedback to nominees on their application materials;
  4. To nominate candidates for fellowship programs who fulfill the program’s selection criteria and represent the University’s excellence;
  5. To interview applicants to fellowship programs that require campus or finalist interviews;
  6. To provide mock interviews for and feedback on these interviews to finalists for national fellowships.


  1. Activities of the Year:


            The committee met once in the Fall 2015 semester – to interview and evaluate Fulbright applicants, and once in the Spring 2016 semester – to select SF State’s nominee for the CSU Trustees’ Award. 


In Fall 2015, Professor Gitanjali Shahani became the Committee Chair, taking over from Professor Acacio de Barros.


  1. Agenda for the Coming Year


            The Committee will meet to interview and evaluate applicants to the 2017-18 Fulbright U.S. Student Program, and to select SF State’s 2017-18 CSU Trustees’ Award nominee.  It will review all applications to other fellowships that require institutional nomination, and meet as needed to discuss candidate files. The Committee will also meet as needed to provide mock interviews for SF State finalists for national fellowships.  At the close of the academic year, it will convene to evaluate how to strengthen its review processes.


Henceforth, the committee will also take on evaluating San Francisco State applications to an additional program that requires institutional nomination: the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP).  Applications to this program are due in the Spring semester.


V.         Signature Page and Roster:


In 2015-16, committee members included:


Mitra Ara

Tanya Augsburg

Matthias Beck

Sarita Cannon

Charles Eagan

Xiao Liu

Edward McCaughan

Clare Sears

Gitanjali Shahani

Joy Viveros


      Committee Chair: Gitanjali Shahani


  1. Regular Meeting Time and Location


            Meetings occurred in LIB 221 and ADM 455C.  Meeting times for the Fulbright and CSU Trustees Award are in the Fall and Spring, respectively.  For all other fellowships, the Committee meets when applicants present themselves for University nomination or when they are selected as finalists for whom a national selection committee interview is required.