Four-Unit Module (2)

Reference Number: S83-103
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, March 01, 1983
Presidential Approval Date: 
Tuesday, March 8, 1983


At its meeting of March 1, 1983, the Academic Senate approved the Academic Policies recommendation that San Francisco State University retain the moratorium on designs to convert departments or programs to four-unit modules through the 1983-84 academic year so that


1) San Francisco State University’s Office of Academic Affairs can develop in conjunction with the Department of Speech and Communication Studies a questionnaire on four-unit modules.  This instrument is to be reviewed and approved by APC prior to its distribution to a representative sample of faculty and students.


2) The Office of Academic Affairs can develop a study of the effect of conversion to a four-unit system on room utilization and the availability to students of required basic subjects and general education courses as well as existing major and graduate programs.


3) The APC can evaluate the responses to the survey to help determine the implications of such conversion and bring further recommendations to the Academic Senate by the first meeting in October, 1983.