General Education Requirements for Engineering Majors

Reference Number: S82-091
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, May 11, 1982
Presidential Approval Date: 
Wednesday, May 26, 1982
Archival Information: 


***This policy was superceded by F04-064: General Education Program Policy Consolidation***


The Academic Senate approved the following programatic exceptions to General Education requirements for the Engineering Department:

Segment I:



Quantitative Reasoning

3 units

Oral Communication

3 units

Written Communication fulfilled by English 1141


3 units

Waiver of Critical Thinking Requirement (see footnote 3 for justification)2




Segment II:



Behavioral & Social Sciences

9 units of BSS cluster work plus 3 units for Statutory Requirement1


12 units

Humanities & Creative Arts

6 units of Segment HCA offerings5, plus English or Alternate 214 accepted, plus waiver to Active Participation1, 4


9 units

Physical & Biological Sciences

12 units Physical Sciences6 (Chem. 111, 112; 113, Phys. 141)

12 units



NOTE: Engineering majors are of course expected to fulfilled the American Ethnic Heritage and Lifelong Development requirements in the process of taking the Segment II work as indicated above.



Segment III:



6 units of Segment III work in a

cluster necessarily composed of a

humanities course or emphasis and a

biological science course or emphasis5. 6 units



NOTE: Naturally the student is expected to fulfill the C.E.D. requirement in the process of taking the 6 units Segment III cluster.



DOUBLE-COUNTING: With respect to double-counting: 15 units will be permitted to be double-counted1.



1 This is a recommended exception to our local policy.


2 This is a recommended exception to Title 5.


3 Much work in Engineering major courses involves processes and development in critical thinking and problem-solving skills and competencies. We follow the successful model of San Jose State in agreeing that this is a sensible and valid accommodation.


4 Many activities in the Engineering curriculum involve significant hands-on experience with graphics and design. It is our judgment that the functional equivalent of this good General Education requirement is fulfilled by these integral major activities.


5 Segment III cluster must contain a humanities course in order to achieve the requisite 12 unit total.


6 Segment III cluster must contain a biological science course thus fulfilling Title 5’s science prescriptions.