LAC 2015-2016 Annual Report

San Francisco State University

Academic Senate Library Advisory Committee

Annual Report AY 2015-2016

Submitted to the Academic Senate Committee on Committees May 10, 2016



I. Executive Summary for the Academic Year:

  • Topics that guided the committee’s work on 2-24-16:

                      1. Demonstration of a new Library website and feedback on it.
                      2.  The need for feedback on change from Films on Demand to Academic Video Online:                            Premium.
                      3.  The need for feedback on access to Wiley journals.
                      4.  Flyaway Productions rehearsals and performance on the Library building for LARC’s 30th anniversary.
                      5.  Student projects focused on the Library:
                                        A.  Apparel Design & Merchandising 569 course student displays under the stairs
                                              on the 1st floor.
                                        B.  Student in Martin Linder’s DAI 410 Product Design 2 class project focused on the Library.
                      6.  Library providing computer-equipped spaces for new student registration during New
                            Student Orientation June-July 2015, January 2016, and June-July 2016
                      7.  3D printers and Library MakerSpace.

  • Topics that guided the committee’s work on 4-20-16:

                      1. In the wake of feedback gathered by committee members from departments in their colleges about #’s 2 and 3 above, this was discussed by the committee.
                          The feasibility of the suggestions were also discussed.
                      2. Committee members were apprised of important changes coming to the Library
                           such as:             
                                        A.  The Library continues to increase the number of journals that are “online only,” decreasing the titles it subscribes to in print. “Get it Now” would be a service to deliver copies of articles that the Library does not subscribe to in any format:  online, print or microform.
                                        B.  There is a CSU libraries system-wide initiative for a Unified Library Management System.
                      3.  Discussion of possible ways to improve the Library’s website.

    • Significant changes (positive or negative) that have affected the Committee’s work over the year.

      1.  This year’s meetings took place without members from two colleges:  Ethnic Studies and Science and Engineering. University Librarian Deborah Masters contacted the Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies on 9-25-15 to request a replacement for that College’s representative, who has been on sabbatical for AY 2015-16, but she did not receive a reply.                          

                                    2.  Upon consultation with the University Librarian, the Committee did not meet in the fall 2015 semester for the following reasons: The College of Science and Engineering did not elect a representative, so there were only five members potentially available to meet.

                           Ÿ    Katynka Martinez, representative from the College of Ethnic Studies is on sabbatical through spring 2016, and the College has not responded to our request to elect or designate a substitute, leaving us with only four members potentially available to meet.

                  Ÿ    There was no common time when all four members were available to meet.

                  Ÿ    There were no pressing agenda items for the Committee to consider at that time.


II. Committee Information and Review of Activities for the Academic Year:

  1. Roster:          


                  Member                                                     College represented                                                                Term

                  Katynka Martinez                                 Ethnic Studies (on sabbatical)                                          2014-16
                  Daniel Meier                                            Education                                                                                     2014-16
                  Sylvia Flatt                                                Business                                                                                         2015-17
                  Christopher Concolino (Chair)     Liberal & Creative Arts                                                          2015-17
                  Ernita Joaquin                                        Health and Social Sciences                                                 2015-17
                  Vacant                                                         Science & Engineering                                                           2015-17
                  Deborah Masters                                  Library                                                                                            Ex officio

                  B. Regular Meeting Schedule and Committee Meetings:

  • Meetings were held twice during the spring semester:  on Wednesdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in LIB 340J.
  • Meetings were held on February 24 and on April 20.
  • Members present on February 24:               Daniel Meier, Sylvia Flatt, Christopher                                                                                                                 Concolino, Ernita Joaquin, Deborah Masters
  • Members present on April 20:                        Sylvia Flatt, Christopher Concolino, Erita                                                                                                           Joaquin, Deborah Masters

                  C. Action Items
                                    1.  Committee members surveyed their constituents in their colleges concerning recent
                                          changes to Library services.  The results of the survey were discussed and noted by
                                          the Library administration.  Action Item completed.


III. Committee Recommendations for the upcoming Academic Year:

                  A. Re: Committee Charge:

  • There are no recommended changes to the Committee charge.

                  B. Re: Committee Membership:

  • A committee member should be added from the College of Science and Engineering.

                  C.  To the Senate:

  • A committee member should be added from the College of Science and Engineering.

                  D.  To next year’s Committee:

  • There are no action items left unaddressed from AY 2015-2016, but the committee
    remains ready to take up any new business that needs attending to.

IV. Endorsement by the Committee

  • This report has been endorsed by all the members of the Committee listed above except Katynka Martinez, who is on sabbatical leave.