Minutes: April 6th, 2010



TUESDAY, April 6, 2010


2:00 - 5:00 p.m.


Arnoldy, Tod

Henderson, Barbara

Pong, Wenshen “Chris”

Avani, Nathan

Holzman, Barbara

Rehling, Lu

Bartscher, Patricia

Hyun, Helen

Rosegard, Erik

Boyle, Andrea

Jeung, Russell

Rosser, Sue V.

Burke, Adam

Jin, Leigh

Shapiro, Jerald

Chen, Yu-Charn

Landry, Lynette

Sherwin, Paul

Cheung, Yitwah

Lau, Jenny

Shrivastava, Vinay

Chou, Fang-yu

LePage, Pamela

Sinha, Dipendra

Collins, Robert

Li, Wen-Chao “Chris”

Steier, Saul

Dariotis, Wei Ming

Lopez, Eurania

Stowers, Genie

Ginwala, Cyrus

McCarthy, Chris

Taylor, Don

Girouard, Shirley

McCracken, Bridget

Trautman, Ray

Goen-Salter, Sugie

Minami, Masahiko

Vaquilar, Julie

Gomes, Ricardo

Modirzadeh, Hafez

Wagner, Venise

Gubeladze, Joseph

Moody, Laura

Whalen, Shawn

Hellenga, Kate

Neely, Francis

Yee, Darlene

Hellman, David

Ozluk, Ozgur

Absences: Bugayong, Arlene (abs);
Corrigan, Robert (exc); Danner, Don (abs); Davila, Brigitte (exc) Flatt,
Sylvia (leave 10); Getz, Trevor (abs); Hussain, Mahmood (on Leave); Levy,
Eileen (on leave Spring 10); Morishita, Leroy (exc); Rothman, Barry (exc);
Salama, Mohammad (leave 09 10);

Ronald Caltobiano, Alex
Katz, Helen Goldsmith, Shelly Wilcox, Mike Goldman, Gail Evans, Lisa White,
Wanda Lee, Raul Amaya, Catriona Esquibel, Jason Ferrema, Natalie Teter,
Maritza Munzón, Amy Sueyoshi, Haruki Eda, Melissa Reyes, Geri
Merrigan, Sanzida Baksh, Mohamad Baksh, Shamim Baksh, Jocelyn Hermoso, Ann
Hallum, Gerry Albee, Linda Buckley, Rita Takahashi, Nancy Rabolt, Patrick
Tierney, Susan Shimanoff,

CALL TO ORDER: 2:17 p.m.


Senate Chair:

-Senators should familiarize
themselves with the Senate iLearn site.

-Senate leadership positions will
soon be up for annual election.

-Important policy changes will be
coming forward in 2nd reading in upcoming meetings. The Chair
reviewed the formal process, and a request to put significant changes in
writing and distribute them prior to the meeting.

AGENDA ITEM#1—Approval of
the Minutes for the March 16, 2010. The minutes were approved.

#2—Approval of the Agenda for April 6, 2010. The agenda was approved.

#3—Academic Senate Elections for Senate Representatives on the Board of
Appeals and Review Committee (BoAR) & the Center for Teaching Faculty
Development Advisory Board (CTFD)

Nominees for BoAR: Lisa Hines (HHS); Alex Schuster
(CoSE); Karen Johnson-Carroll (HHS).
Lisa Hines and Alex Schuster were elected to serve 2-year terms; Karen
Johnson-Carroll will serve a one-year term.

Nominees for CTFD: Sheldon Gen (CA); Marty Gonzalez (CA); Jeff Jacoby (CA); and
Michelle Wolf (CA). Senator Holzman announced that Sheldon Gen and Marty
Gonzalez withdraw their nominations. Michelle Wolf was elected to serve on the
CTFD Advisory Board.

#4—Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Proposed Resolution on Smoke-Free Campus, 1st
Reading. Senator
McCracken moved the item into first reading on behalf of the Executive
Committee. Discussion included concerns about the way the policy was developed,
how smoking areas are designated via signage, and the financial burden of the
fine associated with violating the policy. Additional banners, signs, newspaper
ads, and email communications will inform the campus community about the
changes. Senator Trautman moved to
refer the item to the Student Affairs Committee. The motion was seconded and
failed. Further discussion included concerns over enforcement, and a desire to
see fines used to support smoking cessation programs. The speakers list for 1st
reading was exhausted.

#5—Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Degree Name Change from Radio
and Television to Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, Consent Item. The item was approved.

#6—Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed New Interdisciplinary Minor in
Race and Resistance Studies, 1st Reading. Senator Shrivastava moved the
proposal into 1st reading. Program Director Amy Sueyoshi introduced
the proposed new interdisciplinary minor in Race and Resistance Studies.
Senator Rosegard moved the item into 2nd reading. The motion to move
the item into 2nd reading passed. The item was approved.

#7—Information Item: Suspension of the Minor in Psychology. Senator Hellman introduced the
item on behalf of the Educational Policies Council.

#8—Recommendation from the Educational Policies Council: Proposed Discontinuance of the BS
Degree in Clinical Science, 1st Reading. On behalf of the Educational
Policies Council, Senator Hellman moved the Proposed Discontinuance of the BS
Degree in Clinical Science into 1st reading. Biology Professor
Robert Ramirez introduced the proposed discontinuance.

#9—Recommendation from the Educational Policies Council: Proposed Discontinuance of the Minor in
Gerontology, 1st Reading. On behalf of the Educational Policies Council, Senator
Hellman moved the Proposed Discontinuance of the Minor in Gerontology, 1st
Reading. Director of the School of
Social Work, Rita Takahashi introduced the proposed discontinuance, and CHHS
Associate Dean Jim Murphy introduced Senator Yee-Melichar, who spoke to the
need for the discontinuance. Senator Hellman moved the item to 2nd
reading. The motion to move the item to 2nd reading carried. The
item was approved in 2nd reading.

#10—Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee: Requirements for
Baccalaureate Degrees, Majors, Concentrations, Minors, and Certificates 1st
Reading. Senator
Hellman, on behalf of APC, moved the item into 1st reading.
Discussion included concerns over the process of certifying courses, as well as
the process of re-certification, particularly in regards to faculty workload. A
question was raised about to what extent the GRTF Report relates to the
proposed policy. Comparisons were
made between the Proposed Draft Policy Statement for Baccalaureate Degree
Requirements and EO 1033. A concern was raised about the addition of Written
English Communication II. If Area E is an overlay, the argument is made that
this would be non-compliant with EO 1033. Concern was raised over the
conflation of LLD and First-Year Experience. Policy interpretation was
characterized as a process rather than an absolute. The characterization of the
LLD requirement as being associated with 0 units was disputed. GRTF Chair
Shimanoff was recognized to speak to the issues raised. Chair Shimanoff
encouraged a lengthy appendix for the purpose of clarity. Further discussion
included recognition the hard work of the Graduation Requirements Task Force,
the Senate Chair and Vice Chair, the APC Chair and the membership of the
Academic Policies committee. The critical value of LLD skills for students at
all levels was discussed. The grade of C- or better was also questioned as a


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