Minutes: April 29th, 2008





2:00 - 5:00 p.m.


Avani, Nathan

Gonzales, Dan

Rehling, Lu

Behrooz, Maziar

Hayes, Nancy

Robertson, Bruce

Bloom, Gilda

Kohn, Jim

Sheldon, James

Bollapragada, Ramesh

Landry, Lynette

Saffold, Penny

Boyle, Andrea

Levine, Josh

Salama, Mohammad

Chattopadhyay, Sudip

Linder, Martin

Shapiro, Jerald

Collins, Robert

Luna, Debra

Shrivastava, Vinay

Chelberg, Gene

Mahan, Dianne

Steier, Saul

Cheung, Yitwah

McCracken, Bridget

Stowers, Genie

Danner, Don

Meredith, David

Taylor, Don

Dariotis, Wei Ming

Minami, Masahiko

Trautman, Ray

Davis (skip), Harvey

Modirzadeh, Hafez

Ulasewicz, Connie

DuVal, Derethia

Moody, Laura

Van Dam, Mary Ann

Fielden, Ned

Neely, Francis

Whalen, Shawn

Gemello, John

Prive, Alice

Yang, Nini

Gomes, Ricardo

Quita, Isabel

Yee, Darlene

Absences: Suzuki,
Dean (exc); Corrigan, Robert (exc); Kothari, Krupa (abs); Smith, Alastair
(abs); Rothman, Barry (abs); Morishita, Leroy (exc)

Guests: Marilyn Verhey, Patricia Bartscher, Gail Evans,
Gail Whitaker, Ed McCaughan, Geri Merrigan, Christina Sabee, Amy Kilgard,
Geoffrey Green, Helen Goldsmith, Maxine Chernoff, Kenneth Paap, Dipendra
Sinha, Chris McCarthy, Elise Wormouth, Omar Brodrick, Shirley Girouard, John
Kim, Mahmood Hussain, Dawn Terrell, Joseph Gubeladze, Arlene Bugayong, Janet
Remolona, Hsiao-Yun Chu, Anne Krause, Robert Strong

p.m. WASC
Presentation, Linda Buckley, AVP of Academic Planning and Educational Effectiveness

Dr. Buckley presented an overview of the
WASC accreditation process for SF State. Accreditation will proceed in stages
beginning with an institutional proposal to be submitted in Fall 2008 and
culminating in a WASC on-campus review of educational effectiveness in Fall

CALL TO ORDER: 2:08 p.m.


McCracken announced the Fifth Annual SFSU Student Rights Summit 2008 to be held
April 30-May 2.

AGENDA ITEM #1—Approval of the Agenda for April 29, 2008

The agenda
was approved by unanimous voice vote.

AGENDA ITEM #2—Approval of the Minutes for the
April 15, 2008

The minutes were approved by unanimous
voice vote. (NOTE: private communication with the Secretary nevertheless
uncovered an error in the April 1 minutes for item #5: Course Repeat Policy.
The motion from Senator Dariotis was omitted from the minutes. The corrected
minutes for that section with revisions italicized now read:Senator Dariotis moved to swap clauses 9 and 10, with a
second by Senator Avani. The amendment passed unanimously. Senator Steier moved to amend paragraph 12 by revising it to read:
Requests for exceptions to this policy require the consent of the department
chair of the department in which the course is offered
and the college dean of that college. Second by Senator
Shrivastava. The amendment passed by unanimous voice vote. During further
discussion Senator Trautman, the Chair of the Academic Policies Committee which
proposed the policy, said that he believed that chairs and deans had the
authority to override the 24-unit limit in the policy. Then the policy passed
by voice vote with one abstention.)

ITEM #3—Academic Senate Elections:

Management Committee: 1 faculty to serve a three-year term, 2008-2011

Board of
Appeals and Review: Senate Rep to serve, 2008-2010

Committee on International Programs: Senate Rep to
serve, 2008-2010

University Teacher Education: Senate Rep to serve,

Professor Darlene
Yee-Melichar (Gerontology) was re-elected
to the Enrollment Management Committee.Associate Professor Karen Johnson-Carroll (Consumer and Family
Studies/Dietetics) and Professor David Meredith (Mathematics) were re-elected to the Board of Appeals and Review.Assistant Professor Adam Burke (Institute for Holistic Healing
Studies) was elected to the All-University
Committee on International Programs.Assistant Professor Robert Collins (American Indian Studies) was elected to the All-University Teacher Education

#4—Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed
Revisions to the Design and Industry Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Arts (BAIA)
Core; Consolidation of BAIA Concentrations and Bachelor of Science in Industrial
Technology Programs into a Bachelor of Science Major in Design, 1st Reading

Linder moved adoption of the proposal for CRAC, which approved the proposal
unanimously except that Senator Linder, a member the D&I Department,
recused himself. Senator Gomes, Chair of Design and Industry, joined Senator
Linder in explaining the proposal. Senator Ulasewicz moved the item to second
reading, with a second from Senator Shrivastava. The motion passed by unanimous
voice vote. The proposal passed by unanimous voice vote.

#5—Recommendation from the Faculty Affairs Committee: Proposed Policy on Timely
Textbook Adoptions, 2nd Reading

Senator Ulasewicz introduced the policy in second reading for
the Faculty Affairs Committee. Senator Chelberg introduced Monica Hayes, a
disabled student, who spoke about how this policy would help students like
herself. Senator Chelberg moved to change "Disability Resource
Center" in line 6 to "Disability Programs Resource Center" and
to add "University Librarian" to line 7 after "college deans,
". Senator Steier seconded. The amendment passed on a unanimous voice
vote. Senate Chelberg moved to change "Faculty is" in line 25 to
"Faculty members are". Senator Van Dam seconded. The amendment
passed on a unanimous voice vote. Senator Dariotis moved to add the word
"materials" after "electronic reserve" on line 3. Senator
Chelberg seconded. The amendment passed on a unanimous voice vote. During the
discussion, Senator Ulasewicz indicated that the proposal is intended to cover materials
that students purchased from any source, not just the Bookstore. The proposed
policy passed on a voice vote.

ITEM#6—Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee: Proposed Course
Criteria per the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirements (GWAR), 1st Reading

Senator Trautman introduced the proposal for the APC, which
was continued in first reading from the April 15 meeting. Debate focused on
departments' ability to teach and the university's ability to support the large
number of sections required by this policy. At the end of the first reading
debate Senator Rehling agreed to delay her comments until the beginning of
second reading discussion at the next Senate meeting.

by California Faculty Association President Ramon Castellblanch
Dr. Castellblanch reviewed actions being taken in support of the CSU budget. On
May 8 CFA will sponsor a phone-in to the Governor's Office from the Student
Union, and on May 20 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will consider a
resolution in support of higher education funding.

ITEM#7—Recommendation from the Faculty Affairs Committee: Proposed Revisions to
the Administrative Search Committee Policy, 1st Reading

Ulasewicz moved the proposal for FAC. The principal innovation in the new
policy is the creation of an elected pool of faculty to serve on search
committees. This will replace elections of faculty to individual search
committees. The policy will return in second reading at the May 13 meeting.

AGENDA ITEM #8—Recommendation from
the Strategic Issues Committee: Proposed Policy on Intellectual Property, 1st Reading

Senator Robertson
moved the proposal for SIC. The Senate was addressed by Dean Sheldon Axler,
College of Science and Engineering, and Associate Vice President Kenneth Paap,
Research and Sponsored Programs, who both argued for university ownership of
all patents developed by faculty with a guaranteed share of profits for faculty
developers. The policy will return in second reading at the Senate meeting May

ITEM #9—Adjournment—5:05 p.m.

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