MINUTES OF MAY 11, 1999 (PART 2)

The Academic Senate was called to order by Chair Phillips at 3:30 p.m.

Senate Members Present:

Aaron, Eunice; Alvarez, Alvin; Avila, Guadalupe; Bartscher, Patricia; Bernstein,

Marian; Boyle, Andrea; Cancino, Herlinda; Collier, James; Concolino, Christopher;

Consoli, Andres; Contreras, Rey; Craig, JoAnn; Cullers, Susan; Duke, Jerry;

Edwards, James; Eisman, Gerald; Elia, John; Ferretti, Charlotte; Fox-Wolfgramm,

Susan; Gillotte, Helen; Goldsmith, Helen; Graham, Michael; Gregory, Jan; Harnly,

Caroline; Hom, Marlon; Hu, Sung; Hubler, Barbara; Jerris, Scott; Johnson, Dane;

Johnson, Sharon; Kelley, James; La Belle, Thomas; Langbort, Carol; Moallem,

Minoo; Phillips, Mark; Raggio, Marcia; Scoble, Don; Shapiro, Jerald; Shrivastava,

Vinay; Smith, Miriam; Strong, Rob; Terrell, Dawn; Turitz, Mitch; Vaughn, Pamela;

Wick, Jeanne; Wolfe, Bruce; Wong, Alfred; Yee, Darlene; Zoloth-Dorfman, Laurie.

Senate Members Absent: McKeon, Midori(exc.); Swanson, Deborah(exc.);

Oñate, Abdiel(exc.); Choo, Freddie; Gonzales, Angela; Tarakji, Ghassan;

Corrigan, Robert(exc.).

Agenda Item #10 - Seating of New Senate Members and Election of Senate Officers

Phillips spoke on behalf of the Executive Committee to recognize the

following outgoing members of the Senate and thank them for all they have done:

Ken Fehrman, Patricia Wade, Joanna Moss, Roblyn Simeon, Subodh Bhat, Yu-Charn

Chen, Mark Phillips, Mary Ann Haw, Marilyn Verhey, Lee Jenkins, Mary Anne Warren,

Paul Barnes, Gerald Eisman, Penelope Warren, Will Flowers, Ricardo Montenegro,

Juan Valladaros, and Sandra Vega. Robert Cherny is leaving for one year

but returning in Fall 2000.

The Executive Committee also welcomes returning members and the following new

members of the Academic Senate: Alvin Alvarez (Counseling), Midori McKeon

(Foreign Languages), Jim Edwards (DAI), Bruce Wolfe (Associated Students), Carol

Langbort (Elementary Education), Sharon Johnson (Nursing), Andrea Boyle (Nursing),

Jeanne Wick (Testing Center), Christopher Concolino (Foreign Languages), Minoo

Moallem (Women Studies), Helen Gillotte (English), Barbara Hubler (Financial

Aid), and Guadalupe Avila (Counseling and Psychological Services). Laurie Zoloth-Dorfman

(Jewish Studies) is returning to the Senate following a one-semester leave.

The following Senators were elected to the Executive Committee for


Dawn Terrell, Chair of the Academic Senate

Pamela Vaughn, Vice-Chair

Dane Johnson, Secretary

Jan Gregory, At-Large.

Guadalupe Avila, At-Large.

M/S/P (Barnes, Aaron) to extend meeting by five minutes.

Agenda Item #11 - Provision for a Summer Senate

In order to preserve some continuity in the summer, the Academic Senate has

traditionally passed a resolution delegating some of its power under ideal circumstances

to those members of the Senate available during the summer for special meetings.

M/S/P (Turitz, Fehrman)

The vote was taken and the resolution passed unanimously.

The Senate was adjourned at 4:10.

Respectfully submitted,

Dane Johnson

Secretary to the Faculty