Academic Senate Meeting

Minutes for May 12, 1998, Part II

The Academic Senate was called to order by Chair Mark Phillips at 3:30 p.m.

Senate Members Present:

Aaron, Eunice

Barnes, Paul

Bartscher, Patricia

Bernstein, Marian

Cancino, Herlinda

Chen, Yu-Charn

Cherny, Robert

Collier, James

Consoli, Andres

Contreras, Rey

Craig, JoAnn

Duke, Jerry

Eisman, Gerald

Elia, John

Fehrman, Ken

Ferretti, Charlotte

Fielden, Ned

Flowers, Will

Ganji, Vijay

Graham, Michael

Graham, Minnie

Hammerstrom, Gary

Hammett, Jennifer

Harnly, Caroline

Haro, Roberto

Hom, Marlon

Hu, Sung

Jenkins, Lee

Jerris, Scott

Johnson, Dane

Kelley, James

La Belle, Thomas

Nicholson, Joel

Oñate, Abdiel

Phillips, Mark

Raggio, Marcia

Scoble, Don

Shapiro, Jerald

Shrivastava, Vinay

Strong, Rob

Swanson, Deborah

Tarakji, Ghassan

Terrell, Dawn

Thomson, Lana

Turitz, Mitch

Vaughn, Pamela

Verhey, Marilyn

Wade, Patricia

Warren, Mary Ann

Warren, Penelope

Wong, Alfred

Zieff, Susan

Senate Members Absent: Goldsmith, Helen(exc.); Zoloth-Dorfman,

Laurie; Moss, Joanna(exc.); Choo, Freddie; Blank, Mark; Corrigan, Robert(exc.);

Montenegro, Ricardo.

Agenda Item #11- Seating of New Senate Members and Election of Senate Officers

Phillips recognized departing Senators Mario Rivas, George Woo, Newby

Schweitzer, Bonnie Homan, Yim Yu Wong, Rick Houlberg, Nina Jo Smith, David Leitao,

Lois Lyles, Paul Chang, Marie Mallare, Wanda Lee, and Helen Gillotte.

Senators leaving for the Fall semester but returning in the Spring included

Darlene Yee, Susan Fox-Wolfgramm, and Mary Ann Haw. Dawn Terrell

was welcomed back from sabbatical.

New senators seated were Vijay Ganji, CFS/D; Ned Fielden, Library; Vinay

Shrivastava, BECA; Rey Contreras, DAIS; Rob Strong, Marketing; Scott Jerris,

Accounting; Roberto Haro, La Raza Studies; Susan Zieff, Kinesiology; John Elia,

Health Education; Jerald Shapiro, Social Work; Pamela Vaughn, Classics; Joanna

Moss, Economics; Lee Jenkins, Speech; and Ricardo Montenegro, Associated


Mark Phillips was the only person accepting nomination for Senate


M/S/P (Hammerstrom, Houlberg) to close debate.

M/S/P (Houlberg, Hammerstrom) to re-elect Phillips by acclamation.

Dawn Terrell was the only person accepting nomination for Vice-Chair

of the Senate.

M/S/P (P. Warren, Houlberg) to elect Terrell by acclamation.

Dane Johnson was the only person accepting nomination for Secretary

to the Faculty.

M/S/P (Vaughn, M.A. Warren) to close nominations.

M/S/P (Aaron, Vaughn) to elect Johnson by acclamation.

Nominees for first At-Large member of the Executive Committee

were Penny Warren and Pamela Vaughn. The vote was taken and Penny

Warren was elected.

Nominees for second At-Large member of the Executive Committee were

Pamela Vaughn and Charlotte Ferretti. The vote was taken and Pamela

Vaughn was elected.

Phillips reminded the Senate that there would be a meeting on May 19 to elect

committee chairs.

Agenda Item #12 - Provision for a Summer Senate

Phillips stated that a Summer Senate has rarely met but there is always

a possibility that issues may arise which necessitate an emergency meeting.

The Executive Committee does meet throughout the summer.

Swanson asked that if something were to come up during the summer, would

senators be notified by e-mail? Phillips responded that senators would be notified

in every way possible, including e-mail.

M/S/P (Hom, Vaughn) to accept the resolution.

Phillips thanked the Senate for a very good year and welcomed the new senators.

He reminded the

Senate about the party to honor Lana Thomson.

The Senate was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Homan

Secretary to the Faculty