Minutes of September 10, 1996 Senate Meeting

The Academic Senate was called to order by Chair Hollis Matson at 2:10 p.m.

Senate Members Present: Sanjoy Banerjee, Patricia Bartscher,

Sally Berlowitz, Marian Bernstein, Mark Blank, Yu-Charn Chen, Michelle Cheng,

Robert Cherny, Jerry Duke, Ken Fehrman, Helen Gillotte, Helen Goldsmith, Peter

Haikalis, Ann Hallum, Eric Hammer, Jennifer Hammett, Caroline Harnly, David

Hemphill, Marlon Hom, Bonnie Homan, William Hopkins, Rick Houlberg, Todd Imahori,

Dane Johnson, James Kelley, Thomas La Belle, Wanda Lee, Lois Lyles, Hollis Matson,

Eunice McKinney-Aaron, Eugene Michaels, Ken Monteiro, Mark Phillips, Elisabeth

Prinz, Mario Rivas, Anita Silvers, Peggy Smith, Lee Sprague, Dawn Terrell, Lana

Thomson, Thaddeus Usowicz, Marilyn Verhey, Patricia Wade, Mary Ann Warren, Penelope

Warren, Nancy Wilkinson, Alfred Wong, George Woo, Darlene Yee.

Senate Members Absent: Mohsen Naser-Tavakolian, Roberto Rivera,

Mary Ann Haw(exc.), Hamid Shahnasser, Will Flowers, Gary Hammerstrom(exc.),

Don Scoble(exc.), Robert Corrigan(exc.).

Senate Interns Present: J. Sagisi

Interim Parliamentarian: Hollis Matson.

Guests: K. Lilliston, R. Natkin, G. West, G. Whitaker, C. Langbort,

J. Van Kuelen, E. Seibel, S. Bhat, Lois Meyers, Laurie Dorfman, V. Thompson,

P. Armstrong, J. Randolph, P. McGee, M. Kasdan, S. Taylor.

Announcements and Report

Chair's Report

  • Chair Phillips reiterated several of the comments he made in his

    opening speech to the faculty: "We need the Senate to focus on what is

    most important... to be clear on its priorities... and not waste weeks and

    weeks of time debating the trivial aspects of meaningless policies or trying

    to control the uncontrollable. I will do everything within my limited power

    to ensure this. I will do my best to function as a leader/facilitator at meetings...

    but I expect to be outspoken on my own priorities and pass the gavel when

    necessary to do so."

  • The Fall 1996 meeting schedule of Senate and Standing Committee meetings,

    attached to today's agenda, was identified.

  • The coffee/tea envelope was passed for contributions.
  • The Academic Senate address list was passed for corrections/additions/deletions.
  • Chair Phillips briefly referred Senators to the thank-you note from Bernice

    Biggs, President of Friends of the Library.

Agenda Item #1 - Approval of Agenda for Meeting of September 10, 1996

Bernstein/Matson moved approval of the agenda and it was approved

as printed.

Agenda Item #2 - Approval of Minutes for Meeting of May 14, 1996

McKinney-Aaron/Gillotte moved to approve the minutes as printed. The

minutes were approved as printed.

Agenda Item #3 - Report from Vice President La Belle

La Belle reviewed some of the highlights of his nine weeks on campus.

He shared his perspective of the campus and its constituencies, identified a

number of faculty grants, program accreditation visits,

and recent favorable newspaper articles regarding the campus and higher

education in general. He also provided his perspective of where the campus was

at this point regarding the CUSP activities, reports, and plans for

the Fall semester.

Finally, he reported that the current FTE is in excess of 20,000 with

the largest out-of-state enrollment in some time of 1300 international students,

and a projection of an enrollment of 20,400 to 20,500 FTE by census date.

Agenda Item #4 - Elections

Parking Allocations Committee -

Nominees for election were: Jack Hodges/Computer Science, Bonnie Homan/BACS,

David Ellis/Mathematics, George Frankel/Accounting, Susan Stark/CFS/D, Ken Danko/Accounting,

and James Bebee/Design and Industry. The votes were taken and Bebee was elected.

Associated Students Legislature

One nominee: Edward J. Burnam, Jr/Ethnic Studies. Burnam was elected by


Board of Appeals and Review

Nominees for election were: Karen Johnson-Carroll/CFS/D and Willie Mullins/Counseling

& Psychological Services. Johnson-Carroll and Mullins were elected by


Joint Transportation Committee

Nominees for election were: James Bebee/Design & Industry and Thad Usowicz/BACS.

The votes were taken and Bebee was elected.

Agenda Item #5 - Proposed Revision to Academic Senate Policy #F95-194

Performance Salary Step Increases

Chair Phillips amplified the background materials. A sub-committee

of the Senate Executive Committee (Phillips, Houlberg and McKinney-Aaron with

advisement from Faculty Affairs Dean Gerald West) drafted a revision to this

interim policy over the summer based on extensive faculty feedback including

the results of a faculty survey. Their goal was to strengthen the policy and

to minimize its damage within the constraints of the CBA and a very short timeline.

Phillips said that all nominations/recommendations from the faculty committees

must be on the President's desk by December 2. Backing up from this date,

the Executive Committee arrived at September 24 as the latest date the Senate

could approve a revised policy. If the Executive Committee is unable to pass

an amended policy by that date, it will have to revert to last year's policy

or risk violation of the CBA. This will still leave only slightly more than

two months for the full nomination and selection process. This timeline also

has mitigated against our making certain changes which were perceived as highly

controversial and thus likely to take considerable Senate time and/or as likely

to add significant time to the review and selection process. One example is

the addition of a departmental faculty and/or Chair role. If this were approved,

it would add a significant new step to this process which would consume considerable

time. Thus, the Executive Committee is recommending that consideration of this

issue be deferred to the next round.

Implicit in this is the Executive Committee's view that this will still be

an interim policy. The Executive Committee did not believe that there could

be a good policy within the constraints of the present CBA. The Executive Committee

feels that although this policy is not the best it could be, it is far superior

to what preceded it.

Phillips then walked the Senate through the major changes in the proposal

and provided background and rationale for changes.

In the discussion which followed, a number of Senators had concerns and comments.

These principally focused on standards and criteria, process and desired outcome,

composition of review committees, a perceived weighting differential between

tenured faculty applicants and lecturer applicants, the role of academic deans

in the review process, and other PSSI review procedures.

Cherny had some editorial suggestions which he will provide to the

Senate Office prior to second reading.

Kelley/Yee moved to amend by removing the last phrase in Section III:

"or the time since the last PSSI application/nomination which resulted

in the awarding of a PSSI." After a brief discussion, the amendment was


Cherny/Imahori then moved two changes in the first paragraph

of Section IV, Composition of PSSI Review Committees. The first change was

to undelete the sentence: "A faculty member submitting... application/nomination."

The second change was to delete the sentence: "A committee member

... Performance Salary Step Increase."

After a brief discussion Kelley/Gillotte moved to close debate. This

was approved and the motion to delete was approved by a vote of 22/17/6.

Yee/Woo then moved that the one-year period of review be one year preceding

the deadline for submission in the year of application. In the ensuing debate

Terrell/Fehrman moved to close debate. This passed and the motion was

defeated by a vote of 9/30/5.

Finally Michaels/Chen moved to delete Section VI in its entirety. Discussion

focused on whether it is preferable for the deans to have an explicit or implicit

role in the process. Others commented that adding a dean review violated the

principle of peer review. Others cited the RTP processes in which the dean has

an explicit role.

This matter was not resolved by the time the Senate adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

William Hopkins

Secretary to the Faculty