Minutes: Septmeber 21st, 2010



TUESDAY, September 21, 2010


2:00 - 5:00 p.m.


Arnoldy, Tod

Hanley, Lawrence

Morishita, Leroy

Avani, Nathan

Hellman, David

Ozluk, Ozgur

Azadpur, Mohammad


Runquist, Beth

Beatty, Brian

Holzman, Barbara

Rosegard, Erik

Boyle, Andrea

Hood, Pamela

Rothman, Barry

Bugayong, Arlene

Hyun, Helen

Rourke, David

Burke, Adam

Flatt, Sylvia

Runquist, Beth

Chen, Yu-Charn

Flores, Oscar

Sinha, Dipendra

Collins, Robert

Jeung, Russell

Steier, Saul

Danner, Don

Jin, Leigh

Stowers, Genie

Dariotis, Wei

Lau, Jenny

Taylor, Don

Davis, Harvey “Skip”

Levy, Eileen

Trautman, Ray

Getz, Trevor

Li, Wen-Chao

Vaughn, Pamela

Ginwala, Cyrus

Linder, Martin

Wagner, Venise

Girouard, Shirley

Lopez, Eurania

Whalen, Shawn



Yee, Darlene

Gubeladze, Joseph

Moody, Laura

Absences: Alameida, Marshall (abs); Bartscher,
Patricia (exc); Cheung, Yitwah (on leave); Corrigan, Robert (exc); Hussain,
Mahmood (abs); Nguyen, Flora (abs); Pong, Wenshen “Chris” (abs); Rosser, Sue
V. (exc); Sherwin, Paul (abs)

Guests: Jay Ward, John Kim, S. Henry McCoy, Helen
Goldsmith, Omar Brodrick, Wanda Lee, Gail Evans, Nancy Hayes, Caran Colvin,
Tom Thomas

2:10 p.m.

The Open Floor Period
provides an informal opportunity for faculty members to raise questions or make
comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators. Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.

CALL TO ORDER: 2:10 p.m.

Whalen called the meeting to order.


Announcements were made by Senator
McCracken: Faculty Textbook Orders for spring 2011 are due in October. N.E.R.T

AGENDA ITEM #1—Approval of the Minutes for September 7, 2010

The Minutes were approved
without objection.

AGENDA ITEM #2—Approval of the Agenda for September 21, 2010

The Agenda was approved
without objection.

AGENDA ITEM #3—Report from Jay Ward, Office of International
Programs: International Education Week, November 15-19 2010

Mr. Ward discussed IEW
and its history at SF State University. This year’s theme: “Striving for a
Sustainable Future”. Senator McCracken reminded the Academic Senate of our
previously established Resolution.

AGENDA ITEM #4—Report from Ramon Castellblanch, SF State CFA
Chapter President

Dr. Castelblanch gave a
report to the Academic Senate. Collaboration will take place between the CFA
E-Board and the Academic Senate. CFA will provide faculty with voter
registration cards and will pick them up.

AGENDA ITEM #5—Report from CSU Academic Senators Andrea Boyle,
Martin Linder, and Darlene Yee

The State-Wide Senators each
gave a report. Meeting Minutes and items discussed can be found on the Academic
Senate iLearn site and at http://www.calstate.edu/AcadSen.
Senator Boyle would like to have - discipline specific - CSU
faculty participate in the review of Community College transfer degrees.
Senator Yee-Melichar would like to have input on general education concerns to
take to Long Beach for the next State-Wide Academic Senate meeting.

AGENDA ITEM #6—Election: Academic Senate Representatives needed
to serve on the University Graduate Council—terms are F2010-S2011 &

Nominees are: Diane
Harris (BSS); Steve Jones (CA); Edward Luby (HUM); Alice Prive (HHS)

Elections were held. Ed
Luby (HUM) was elected for a two year term. Dianne Harris (BSS) was elected for
a one year term.

AGENDA ITEM #7—Recommendation from the Academic Policy
Committee: Proposed Revisions to
the Administrative Review Policy, 2nd Reading

Senator Getz made
amendments according to Academic Senate recommendations. Senator Trautman moved
to amend the document. The Amendment was approved.

AGENDA ITEM #8—Recommendation from the Curriculum Review &
Approval Committee: Proposed
Program Revision to the BS in Business Administration , 1st Reading—Proposal
to be heard no later than 4:00p.m.

Senator Stowers moved
agenda item #8. Senator Holzman motioned to move the item to Second Reading. The
item moved to Second Reading. Senators discussed the amendments. Chair Whalen motioned
to approve the proposal. The proposal was approved.

AGENDA ITEM #9—Recommendation from the Academic Senate
Executive Committee: Proposed Resolution
in Honor of Zoe Cardoza Clayson, in Memoria, 1st Reading

Senator Burke moved the
Resolution. The Resolution was adopted by Unanimous Consent.

AGENDA ITEM #9—Adjourned—3:16 p.m.

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