Minutes: September 24th, 1996

Minutes of September 24, 1996 Senate Meeting

The Academic Senate was called to order by Chair Hollis Matson at 2:10 p.m.

Senate Members Present: Sanjoy Banerjee, Patricia Bartscher,

Marian Bernstein, Mark Blank, Yu-Charn Chen, Michelle Cheng, Robert Cherny,

Robert Corrigan, Jerry Duke, Ken Fehrman, Will Flowers, Helen Gillotte, Peter

Haikalis, Ann Hallum, Eric Hammer, Gary Hammerstrom, Jennifer Hammett, Caroline

Harnly, Mary Ann Haw, Marlon Hom, William Hopkins, Rick Houlberg, Todd Imahori,

Dane Johnson, James Kelley, Thomas La Belle, Wanda Lee, Lois Lyles, Hollis Matson,

Eunice McKinney-Aaron, Eugene Michaels, Ken Monteiro, Mohsen Naser-Tavakolian,

Mark Phillips, Elisabeth Prinz, Mario Rivas, Roberto Rivera, Don Scoble, Anita

Silvers, Peggy Smith, Lee Sprague, Dawn Terrell, Lana Thomson, Thaddeus Usowicz,

Marilyn Verhey, Patricia Wade, Mary Ann Warren, Penelope Warren, Nancy Wilkinson,

Alfred Wong, George Woo,.

Senate Members Absent: Helen Goldsmith(exc.), Darlene Yee(exc.),

Sally Berlowitz(exc.), Bonnie Homan(exc.), David Hemphill(exc.), Hamid Shahnasser(exc.).

Senate Interns Present: Jaymee Sagisi.

Interim Parliamentarian: Hollis Matson.

Guests: J. Collier, J. Kassiola, G. Whitaker, E. Seibel, P.

Saffold, G. West, A. Wallace, V. Thompson, M. Kasdan, C. Anderson.

Announcements and Report

Chair's Report

  • Welcomed Dr. James Collier, Vice President for University Advancement,

    to campus and his first Academic Senate meeting.

  • Requested that Senators have their pictures taken so that they could

    be identified when the Senate meetings air on SFSU Cable Channel 10.

    (Christopher Rozales and Val Sakovich, members of the AV/ITV Center, were

    on hand to perform this task).

  • Advised regarding openings for resident directorships with the CSU

    International Programs in France, Mexico, Spain, Zimbabwe, and Japan/East

    Asia. Interested faculty should contact the Academic Senate Office, EXT. 1264.

Agenda Item #1 - Approval of Agenda for Meeting of September 24, 1996

The agenda was approved as printed.

Agenda Item #2 - Approval of Minutes for Meeting of September 10, 1996

The minutes were approved as printed.

Agenda Item #3 - Report from Statewide Senators

Statewide Senators Cherny and Hammerstrom commented on the summary

of the meeting of the Statewide Senate on September 4-6, 1996, and the material

on the Cornerstones project attached to the agenda. Cherny commented

on the discussion of the two-year study of the future of the CSU Baccalaureate

degree. Hammerstrom commented on the formation of the four Cornerstones

groups, comprised of 24 people: six trustees, six presidents, six faculty (

the Statewide Senate Executive Committee), three senior administrators in the

system and three students. He commented briefly on the goals of the four planning

groups--to evaluate strategies and make specific plans to prepare the system

for the next decade. The four groups are entitled: Learning for the 21st Century,"

"Meeting the Enrollment and Resource Challenge," "Institutional

Integrity, Performance, and Accountability," and "Post Baccalaureate

and Continuing Education: Helping Shape California's Future." There were

no questions on either matter from Senators.

Agenda Item #4 - Elections

Student Center Governing Board -

One nominee: Gustavo Calderón/Foreign Languages. Calderón

was elected by acclamation.

Graduate Council -

One nominee: Audrey Hurley/HHS. Hurley was elected by acclamation.

Research and Professional Development Council -

Nominees for election were: Juan Aninao/Secondary Education, Hamid Khani/BECA,

Jeff Chan/Asian American Studies and Juliette Silva/Social Work. The votes were

taken and Khani, Chan, and Silva were elected.

Academic Council on International Programs-CSU

Nominees for election were: Sharon Girard/Music, Greta Glugoski/Social Work,

and Peter Haikalis/Library. The votes were taken and Glugoski was elected.

Agenda Item #5 - Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies

CRAC Chair Ann Hallum introduced this item indicating that Marlon Hom,

Chair of Asian American Studies, was present as a resource. This item was approved

as a Master Plan projection last year.

As there was no request for discussion in first reading, Matson/Hopkins moved

the item to second reading. As there was no request for discussion in second

reading, Smith/Matson moved to close debate. This passed, and the program

was approved without dissent.

Agenda Item #6 - Proposed Revision to Academic Senate Policy #F95-194

Performance Salary Step Increases

Chair Phillips re-introduced this item. He stated that the revisions

return in first reading with the following amendment on the floor: Michaels/Chen

motion to delete Section VI, Review by the Deans. After several

Senators had spoken to the amendment, Smith/Hopkins moved to close debate. This

passed, and the amendment was defeated.

Phillips then commented on various technical/clerical changes that had been

made in the policy revisions since the last Academic Senate meeting. He then

indicated that if there is not a vote on the amendments during this Senate meeting,

the campus will follow the current (last year's) policy.

Kelley/Silvers moved the main motion to second reading. This passed.

Silvers then suggested the following friendly/clerical amendment to the end

of section III.F.: "... provide a rationale for utilizing those changes

in criteria attached to his/her application." This was deemed friendly

and was approved.

Haikalis/Michaels then moved to amend Section VI by adding a sentence

at the end of this section: "Any recommendations regarding individual candidates

will be made known to the candidates." This was approved.

Cherny then moved three amendments to the policy:

a) Add the following to Section II: "To demonstrate effective teaching

performance (which is the primary criterion for award of a PSSI as indicated

in III.A. below), applicants shall submit their most recent evaluation of teaching

effectiveness if required by AS84-122 and statistical summaries of student evaluations

of their teaching effectiveness for the previous five years if required by AS82-58."

Banerjee moved to amend by adding the following sentence at the end of

the quoted amendment: "Demonstration of teaching effectiveness is not limited

to summaries of student evaluation." Kelley/Hopkins moved to close debate.

This passed and the Cherny amendment was approved as amended by Banerjee;

b) On page four, add the following after the end of the first sentence: "In

assigning these recommendations, the committee shall follow the criteria outlined

in the University Promotions Policy (AS86-28) in those sections entitled Evaluative

Criteria, Teaching Performance, Professional Achievement and Growth, Service,

and University Non-Teaching Activities, and the comparable sections for non-teaching

faculty. After several senators voiced concerns with this amendment, it was


c) On page five, after the end of section IX, add the following: "The

report shall include a statistical summary similar to that presented in the

annual report of the University Promotions Committee, presenting the total number

of applicants in each college-equivalent unit, the number given each type of

recommendation by the committee, the number in each of those categories given

positive and negative recommendations by the dean, the number in each of those

categories awarded a PSSI by the President, the number of appeals, and the outcome

of the appeals. This amendment was considered friendly by the Executive Committee

and the Faculty Affairs Committee and was treated as a format/clerical addition.

It was incorporated into the policy.

Gillotte volunteered a number of clerical/editorial suggestions which

she will give to Chair Phillips.

Kelley/Michaels moved to amend page two by deleting "tenured/tenure-track"

in Section A, deleting all of Section B, and renumbering the remaining sections.

Several Senators voiced concern regarding the deletions after which Hopkins/Terrell

moved to close debate on the amendment. This was approved and the amendment

was defeated with one abstention.

Usowicz/Warren moved to add the following to the end of Section VII,

Review by the President: "It is recommended that, if there are more

nominees/applicants recommended by PSSI Review Committees than the estimated

number of awards equitably allocated to the individuals' college or equivalent

unit, at least fifty percent of the step awards be given to these individuals

by a lottery process acceptable to the Academic Senate."

Discussion pro and con followed. Bartscher suggested that it exceeded

the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Houlberg/Hopkins moved to close debate.

This passed and the amendment was defeated 15-24-7.

Lee/Smith moved to eliminate references to AS 84-122 and AS 82-58 in

the first Cherny amendment. After a brief discussion Houlberg/Gillotte moved

to close debate. This passed and the amendment was defeated.

Woo/Fehrman then moved to strike the phrase "highly recommended"

used throughout the policy. After a brief debate this amendment was defeated.

Michaels/Hopkins then moved to close debate on the policy as amended.

This was approved and the amended policy was approved.

Chair Phillips then thanked various individuals and groups who contributed

to the development of the amended policy. These included the members of the

Executive Committee, the Faculty Affairs Committee, Dean West, Counsel Bartscher,

Senators Cherny and Gillotte and Jan Gregory of the English department.

Silvers thanked Chair Phillips for his skillful leadership of the Senate

through this difficult debate.

The Senate was adjourned at 3:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

William Hopkins

Secretary to the Faculty

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