Minute - m09.29.09















TUESDAY, September 29, 2009


2:00 - 5:00 p.m.







Ginwala, Cyrus


Pong, Wenshen 'Chris'



Arnoldy, Tod


Goen-Salter, Sugie


Rehling, Lu



Avani, Nathan


Gomes, Ricardo


Rosegard, Erik



Bartscher, Patricia


Hellenga, Kate


Rosser, Sue V.



Boyle, Andrea


Hellman, David


Rothman, Barry



Burke, Adam


Holzman, Barbara


Shapiro, Jerald



Bugayong, Arlene


Hussain, Mahmood


Sherwin, Paul



Chen, Yu-Charn


Jeung, Russell


Shrivastava, Vinay



Cheung, Yitwah


Jin, Leigh


Moody, Laura



Chou, Fang-yu


Landry, Lynette


Steier, Saul



Collins, Robert


LePage, Pamela


Taylor, Don



Corrigan, Robert


Levy, Eileen


Trautman, Ray



Dariotis, Wei Ming


Li, Wen-Chao “Chris”


Vaquilar, Julie



Davila, Brigitte


McCarthy, Chris


Wagner, Venise



Flatt, Sylvia


McCracken, Bridget


Whalen, Shawn



Getz, Trevor


Minami, Masahiko


Yee, Darlene





Ozluk, Ozgur


Stowers, Genie




Absences: Girouard, Shirley (abs); Gubeladze, Joseph (leave F09); Lau, Jenny (abs); Mahan, Dianne (exc); Modirzadeh, Hafez (exc); Morishita, Leroy (exc); Neely, Francis (abs); Salama, Mohammad (leave 09 10); Sinha, Dipendra (exc)




Guests: Mark Ciotola, Nancy Hayes, Wanda Lee, Alex Katz, Machi Sakata








OPEN FLOOR PERIOD: 2:00 - 2:10 p.m.


The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for faculty members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators. Please arrive promptly at 2:00 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER: 2:16 p.m.




From Chair Whalen


· The nomination phase for entry into the Administrative Search Pool will begin this week. One can only serve on an Administrative Search Committee if one is in the pool. One remains in the pool for three years and there is no term limit. After the nomination phase is complete, an election will be held.


· An election will also be held for replacements to the UTPC.


· CFA, CSUEU, and allied unions will be presenting on-campus educational activities/activism around the budget issue on Oct. 14th, 2009, to be followed by related events at Civic Center on Oct. 15th, 2009.


· The Withdrawal from Courses Policy #S09-196 has resulted in an enrollment increase of over 600 students, which is a significant increase.


· President Corrigan’s email dated Sept. 28, 2009 mentions the Strategic Planning Process.


AGENDA ITEM#1—Approval of the Minutes for the September 15, 2009—approved.


AGENDA ITEM #2—Approval of the Agenda for September 29, 2009—approved.


AGENDA ITEM#3—Statewide Senate Report: CSU Senators Andrea Boyle, Jerry Shapiro, and Darlene Yee. The CSU Statewide Senate representatives presented a report on the Statewide Senate. The report is available on the Senate website.


AGENDA ITEM#4—Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Name Change to the Minor, BA, & MA in Women Studies, 1st Reading, proposal heard 2:40 p.m. On behalf of the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee, Senator Shrivastava introduced the proposal. Prof. Nan Boyd, Chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies, presented the proposal. Discussion included a recognition that the self-declared interdisciplinary programs might want to come before the UIC for review or present as an information item to UIC. Senator Goen-Salter moved the item to second reading. The motion was approved. The item was then before the Senate in 2nd Reading and was approved.


AGENDA ITEM#5—Recommendation from the Academic Policies Committee: Proposed Revision to the Administrative Search Policy, #S09-180. On behalf of the Academic Policies Committee, Senator Hellman presented the proposed revision. Senator Holzman moved this item to 2nd Reading and was approved.


AGENDA ITEM#6—Recommendation from the Strategic Issues Committee: Proposed Policy on Intellectual Property, 1st Reading. On behalf of the Strategic Issues Committee, Senator Rothman introduced the proposed policy. AVP Turkkan presented the proposed policy. Discussion included a review of the policy as proposed in Spring, 2009, as well as the scope and depth of the proposed policy.


AGENDA ITEM #7—Adjournment—The meeting was adjourned at 3:18 p.m.






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