Tuesday, October 24,

CALLED TO ORDER: 2:14 p.m.


Angelo, Albert

Gemello, John

Rothman, Barry

Avani, Nathan

Gonzalez, Marty

Shapiro, Jerald

Axler, Sheldon

Jolivette, Andrew

Steier, Saul

Bartscher, Patricia

Kohn, Jim

Stowers, Genie

Behrooz, Maziar

Kysh, Judith

Suzuki, Dean

Bollapragada, Ramesh

Levine, Josh

Todorov, Jassen

Boyle, Andrea

Levy, Eileen

Trautman, Ray

Chelberg, Gene

Li, Wen-Chao

Ulasewicz, Connie

Danner, Don

Linder, Martin

Van Cleave, Kendra

Dariotis, Wei Ming

McCracken, Bridget

Velez, Pauline

Davis, Harvey (Skip)

Meredith, David

Whalen, Shawn

DuVal, Derethia

Minami, Masahiko

Williams, Robert

Fielden, Ned

Moody, Laura

Yang, Nini

Gaglio, Connie Marie

Morishita, Leroy

Yee, Darlene

Fung, Robert

Robertson, Bruce

Zwillinger, Lesley

Absences: Adisa Thomas, Karimah (abs); (abs); Chattopadhyay,
Sudip (abs); Chao, David (abs);

Corrigan, Robert (exc) ; (Klingenberg, Larry; (leave);
Luna, Fehrman, Kenneth (exc); Fowler,

Maire (abs);Debra (exc): Saffold, Penny (exc); Van Dam,
Mary Ann; (exc); Daley, Yvonne (leave)


Guests: Linda
Buckley; Nancy Hayes; Linda Ellis; Gail Whitaker; Robert Cherny; Marilyn

Joel Kassiola; Dawn Terrell, Amy Kilgard, Gerri Merrigan,
Paul Sherwin, James Quesada


Chair Meredith:

Thanked Senator McCracken
for bringing to the attention of the Senate campus events marking the observance
of the “Great American Smoke-Out”.

Directed Senators’
attention to the campus Get out the vote activities.

Introduced Vice Chair
Velez who reminded Senators that the deadline for the call for proposals for
the faculty/staff retreat, scheduled for January 22, 2007, are due on Friday,
October 27. For more information
se the Academic Senate Web site.

Indicated the distribution
of documents related to RTP policy revisions.

AGENDA ITEM #1—Approval
of the Agenda for October 24, 2006

Avani, Rothman m/s/p

Chair Meredith noted that
Senators should insert the numeral “7” in front of the corresponding agenda item. He also indicated that agenda item 9
should be listed as being in 1st reading.

The agenda, as corrected,
was approved unanimously.

AGENDA ITEM #2—Approval
of the Minutes for our meeting on October 10, 2006

DuVal, Behrooz m/s/p

The minutes were approved

from Jennifer Wissink, Student Advisor, Office of International Programs:
International Education Week

Chair Meredith introduced
Jennifer Wissink who reported on opportunities for the academic community to
get involved in International Education Week. For more information see:

AGENDA ITEM #4—Recommendation
from the Executive Committee (EXCOM): Proposed Resolution in Support of International
Education Week

Whalen, Steier m/s/p

The resolution was
approved unanimously.

from Provost John Gemello and Leroy Morishita, Vice President of Administration
and Finance: CSU and Campus Budget Update

Chair Meredith introduced
Provost Gemello and Vice President Morishita who reported on the current status
of SF State’s budget. The report
focused on a built-in problem with the budgeting process with regard to the
accounting of non-resident fees and the increasing costs of utilities. As a result of these problems the
campus has incurred a $6.5 Million budget reduction. The majority of the budget reduction was assigned to
Academic Affairs and Administration and Finance. Centrally, Academic Affairs absorbed a $2.9 million reduction
for FY 2006-2007 and the colleges shared an additional $2.0 million reduction
for the same time period.

AGENDA ITEM #6—Recommendation
from the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC): Proposed Revisions to the Retention
Tenure & Promotions Policy

Chair Meredith reminded
Senators of where the Senate had left off in the discussion during the last
meeting. He then described
possible next steps for proceeding with the proposal.

FAC Chair Kohn reintroduced
the item in first reading and reviewed highlights of the current proposed
policy attached to the agenda.

The proposal moved to 2nd
reading without objection.

Senator Steier moved to amend
the proposal by inserting the below text on page 12, line 44 after the sentence
ending with “community service”. The
motion was seconded by Senator D. Gonzales.

“The primary emphasis is on teaching effectiveness. There is
no University order of priority between the non -teaching criteria.. Unless
individual Departments decide otherwise Faculty members need not exhibit
exceptional achievement in both of the non-teaching criteria. Indeed , to provide for a variety of
meritorious activities and flexibility, comprehensiveness, and vigor in the
University faculty, it is hoped
that faculty members will exhibit highly varied profiles of achievement.
Judgments about accomplishment within each criterion will vary with differences
in disciplines, professional expectations within a discipline, and
departmental, College and University objectives and goals. It is the responsibility
of the department Retention,
Tenure and Promotions committees
to establish clearly the
department’s expectations for Retention, Tenure and Promotion consistent with the University criteria. The department is also
responsible for making clear its requirements for documenting the quality and
relevance of the work accomplished. This shall be done in consultation with the
candidate at the time of hire and during the first year in rank.”

Senator Yee moved to vote
by secret ballot. The motion was

The motion failed with

The proposal will continue
in 2nd reading at the November 7 meeting of the Academic Senate.

AGENDA ITEM #8—Recommendation
from the Academic Policies Committee (APC: Proposed Academic Calendar for Academic
Year 2007-2008 & Revisions to Academic Senate Policy #S93-178, Deadline for
final grades

APC Chair Whalen reintroduced
the item in 2nd reading.
He also introduced Barbara Luzardi, Academic Scheduling Coordinator, who
was available for questions.

Senator Stowers moved to return
the proposal to committee. The motion
was seconded by Senator Danner.

Senator Stowers moved to
end debate. The motion was
seconded by Senator Steier. The
question was called.

The motion to return the
proposal to committee failed.

Senator Jolivette moved to
extend debate by 5 minutes. The
motion was seconded by Senator Stowers.
The debate was extended by 5 minutes.

Senator DuVal moved to
amend the proposal by adding advising day to finals week of fall semester. The motion was seconded by Senator
Steier. The motion failed.

Senator Jolivette moved to
end debate on the proposal. The
motion was seconded by Senator Ulasewicz.
The question was called.

The proposal passed with

#9—Recommendation from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee
Proposed Changes to the Undergraduate Majors in English: Literature, English:
Language Studies, and English:
Individual Major

Levy, Steier m/s/p

CRAC Chair Levy introduced
the item along with Dean Sherwin, Associate Dean Wormuth, Professors Jim Kohn; Lorreta Stec;
& Beverly Voloshin to speak to the proposal.

The proposal passed

AGENDA ITEM #10—Recommendation
from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Revisions and Name
Change to for the BA in Speech Communication

Levy, Rothman m/s/p

CRAC Chair Levy introduced
the item along with
Merrigan, Professor/Chair, Communication Studies Dept & Amy Kilgard to speak
to the proposal

proposal passed unanimously.

AGENDA ITEM #11—Recommendation
from the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee: Proposed Revisions to the BA
and Minor in Anthropology

Levy, Ulasewicz m/s/p

CRAC Chair Levy introduced
the item along with James Quesada, Chair of Anthropology, and Dean Kassiola
to speak to the proposal.

The proposal passed

ITEM #9— ADJOURNED—4:15 p.m.