Minutes: October 27th, 2009

Called to order 2:16 pm


Senator Boyle-
University Research Council unanimously approved a Research Vision, which
will be posted on the Senate

Senator Davila-Next
Monday, 11/2/09, Dia de los Muertos, La Raza Student organization will be
relating this to the Budget Cuts through costumes (cap and gown and skeleton

Chair Whalen-Town Hall
on Constitutional Convention on 11/5/09

Chair Whalen-7 Hills
server not available. Please download attachments prior to meeting.

Agenda Item 1: Approval
of minutes from September 29, 2009--minutes approved

Agenda Item 2: Approval
for Agenda Oct. 27, 2009--agenda approved

Agenda Item 3: Report
from University Librarian Deborah Masters. The University Librarian reported on
two projects for the Leonard Library 2009-2010. The first regards the
cancellation of select Journal and Database Subscriptions and other resources
with recurring financial commitments. Low-use, high cost subscriptions will be
canceled, upon consultation with faculty. The collections budget is separate
from the Library construction project. The second project is the Leonard
Library reconstruction project, which is continuing as scheduled. During the 84
calendar days during which the collection will be scanned into the Library Retrieval
System, the collection will not be available except through early request by
all library users. All requests for books will go through Link + or Illiad, for
which the typical turn-around time is 2-4 days. The loan period for both these
systems is 3 weeks, with one 2 week renewal.

Agenda Item 4:
Recommendation from CRAC Proposed Revisions to MA degree in
Gerontology--Senator Erik Rosegard, on behalf of CRAC, moved the proposed
Revisions to MA degree in Gerontology into 1st Reading. Program Director Rita
Takahashi introduced the Proposed Revisions. Senator Darlene Yee spoke to the
particulars of the proposal. Senator Rosegard moved the item into 2nd Reading
without opposition. The proposed revisions passed.

Agenda Item 5:
Recommendation from CRAC Proposed Revisions to MA degree in Early Childhood
Education--Senator Eric Rosegard, on behalf of CRAC, moved the proposed
Revisions to MA degree into 1st Reading.
Faculty member Daniel Meier spoke to the particulars of the proposal.
Changes were made to better suite the specialization of faculty and needs of
students. Discussion included students failing to meet Level 1 Written English
Proficiency. A question was raised regarding the number of electives, currently
9 units. Senator Steier moved the item to 2nd Reading. The proposed revisions

Agenda Item 6:
Recommendation from the Strategic Issues Committee on a Proposed Policy on the
Intellectual Property into 1st Reading (for the second time). Senator Barry
Rothman, SIC Chair, moved the Proposed Policy on Intellectual Property.
Discussion included the history of the Intellectual Property Task Force and the
proposed policy as devised in collaboration between the Task Force and SIC.
Senator Rothman introduced guest Mark Ciotola, and also presented the
substantial changes in the current proposed policy as compared to the 2008
proposed policy. Questions were raised about the revisions specific to the role
of the University Research Committee. Concerns were raised about clarification
of the policy to further assure and inspire faculty and students to produce
innovative work. Concerns were raised about leveraging budgeting relevant to
the proposed policy. Concerns were raised about the role of the University
Research Committee in resolving disputes. Concerns were raised about the
operationality of copyrighting certain items. The financial split between
faculty, the campus, colleges and departments was discussed, with a
recommendation made that some funds be directed specifically to departments and

Agenda Item 7:
Recommendation from the Executive Committee on a Proposed Resolution for Shared Governance in Strategic
Planning--Senator Jerry Shapiro introduced the proposed resolution into 1st
Reading. Senator Shapiro moved the resolution into 2nd Reading. The resolution
was read aloud. The resolution passed.

The meeting was
adjourned at 3:55 pm.

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