Minutes of November 5, 1996 Senate Meeting

The Academic Senate was called to order by Chair Mark Phillips at 2:10 p.m.

Senate Members Present: Sanjoy Banerjee, Patricia Bartscher,

Marian Bernstein, Mark Blank, Yu-Charn Chen, Michelle Cheng, Robert Cherny,

Jerry Duke, Ken Fehrman, Helen Goldsmith, Peter Haikalis, Ann Hallum, Jennifer

Hammett, Caroline Harnly, Mary Ann Haw, Marlon Hom, Bonnie Homan, William Hopkins,

Rick Houlberg, Todd Imahori, Dane Johnson, James Kelley, Thomas La Belle, Wanda

Lee, Lois Lyles, Hollis Matson, Eunice McKinney-Aaron, Eugene Michaels, Mohsen

Naser-Tavakolian, Mark Phillips, Elisabeth Prinz, Mario Rivas, Roberto Rivera,

Don Scoble, Hamid Shahnasser, Anita Silvers, Peggy Smith, Dawn Terrell, Lana

Thomson, Thaddeus Usowicz, Marilyn Verhey, Patricia Wade, Mary Ann Warren, Penelope

Warren, Nancy Wilkinson, Alfred Wong, George Woo, Darlene Yee.

Senate Members Absent: Sally Berlowitz(exc.), Jay Schrock(exc.),

David Hemphill(exc.), Helen Gillotte(exc.), Will Flowers(exc.), Ken Monteiro(exc.),

Robert Corrigan(exc.), Gary Hammerstrom(exc.), Lee Sprague, Eric Hammer.

Senate Interns Present: Jaymee Sagisi.

Parliamentarian: --

Guests: C. Anderson, J. Kassiola, G. Whitaker, E. Seibel, S.


Announcements and Report

Chair's Report

  • Chair Phillips read a letter from President Corrigan regarding the Senate's

    Resolution on Proposition 209 in which President Corrigan stated that,

    "In keeping with the spirit of this resolution, I want to reaffirm my

    strong support of affirmative action and my confidence that the Academic Senate,

    the full faculty and the staff of San Francisco State University will join

    me in continuing our efforts to, as the resolution states, 'promote diversity,

    equal access, and equal opportunity for students, faculty, and staff.'"

  • There is still time to register for the January, 1997 Asilomar

    Retreat. Please contact Lana Thomson in the Academic Senate Office regarding

    any particulars.

  • There will be a conference in Monterey in February, 1997, sponsored by the

    Statewide Academic Senate and the Cornerstones groups. The conference

    is to involve some 500 to 550 faculty from all CSU campuses, and is to deal

    with the various issues that the four Cornerstones groups are concerned with.

  • Effective January, 1997, Senator Ken Monteiro has resigned

    from the Statewide Academic Senate. Following our Senate policy, he will be

    replaced by Senator Eunice McKinney-Aaron.

Agenda Item #1 - Approval of Agenda for Meeting of November 5, 1996
The agenda was approved as printed.

Agenda Item #2 - Approval of Minutes for Meeting of October 8, 1996
The minutes were approved as printed.

Agenda Item #3 - Elections

All-University Committee on International Programs

Nominees for election were: Relda Robertson/Nursing, H. Douglas Brown/English,

Carolyn Fong/Nursing, Andres Consoli/Counseling, Philip King/Economics, Jaime

Gomez/BECA, and Sharon Girard/Music. The votes were taken and Carolyn Fong

was elected.

Agenda Item #4 - Nominations for CSU Faculty Trustee

Chair Phillips announced that the Chairs of the Academic Senates across

the State have been asked to submit nominees for the CSU Faculty Trustee.

Professor Bernard Goldstein has served most admirably in this capacity

for the past three terms and would not be seeking an additional term. The matter

was briefly discussed. There were no nominees identified.

Agenda Item #5 - CUSP Up-Date

Senator Penelope Warren commented that CUSP is presently discussing

the September, 1996 draft of the SFSU Strategic Plan report. The group has moved

from discussion of the "Combating Discrimination" recommendations

to the recommendations regarding "Community Responsibility and Service."

She commented that the group was not focusing on resource implications regarding

these recommendations (such as implications of assigned time for off-campus


Agenda Item #6 - Report from the General Education Council

General Education Council Chair Susan Shimanoff presented a review

of General Education conducted during 1995-96. She commented on this project

which was undertaken before the beginning of the 1995-96 academic year. She

indicated that she and Dean of Undergraduate Studies Erwin Seibel will leave

a summary of her comments in the Academic Senate Office (attached). First, she

gave thanks to a number of people: the members of the General Education Council,

especially to Don Taylor, former General Education Council Chair; to Rufus Browning,

Jamie Newton, LaVonne Jacobsen, Erwin Seibel, Paul Breen, Carol Poole, Gail

Whitaker, members of the General Education Advising Coordinators [Ramona Knowles,

Chair], the Segment I Committee [Richard Festinger and Donna Cunningham, Co-Chairs],

the Segment III Committee [Bill Perttula, Chair].

Shimanoff then commented on the PRI 1986 and 1995 surveys of faculty,

students and alumni and compared the results of these two surveys; she commented

on the reports from the Segment I and Segment III Committees and various other

reports and data from the Office of Undergraduate Studies and also data from

the Office of University Budget Planning. She then outlined recommendations

for change in quality, content, instruction, and structure as it involved aspects

of the three segments.

Following her presentation, Shimanoff answered a number of questions from

Senators regarding interpretation of the data , cost-effectiveness of the courses

in General Education, grading, and the advisability of limiting the number of

students in courses in a cluster.

Chair Phillips thanked her for her report and the Senate was adjourned at

3:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

William Hopkins

Secretary to the Faculty