SFSU Academic Senate Minutes

December 5, 2000

The Academic Senate was called to order by Chair

Vaughn at 2:10 p.m.

Senate Members Present:

Aaron, Eunice; Alvarez, Alvin; Bartscher, Patricia;

Bernstein, Marian; Blomberg, Judith; Boyle, Andrea; Cancino, Herlinda; Chan,

Jeffery; Cherny, Robert; Collier, James; Colvin, Caran; Concolino, Christopher;

Consoli, Andres; de Vries, Brian; Duke, Jerry; Edwards, James; Elia, John; Garcia,

Oswaldo; Garcia, Velia; Goldsmith, Helen; Gregory, Jan; Harnly, Caroline; Hu,

Sung; Hubler, Barbara; Jerris, Scott; Johnson, Dane; Johnson, Sharon; La Belle,

Thomas; Langbort, Carol; McKeon, Midori; Nichols, Amy; Pasaporte, Erin; Raggio,

Marcia; Sagisi, Jaymee; Sayeed, Lutfus; Scoble, Don; Shrivastava, Vinay; Smith,

Miriam; Su, Yuli; Turitz, Mitch; Vaughn, Pamela; Warren, Mary Anne; Warren,

Penelope; Wong, Alfred; Yip, Yewmun.

Senate Members Absent: Flowers, Will(exc.);

Contreras, Rey; Ferretti, Charlotte(exc.); Loomis, Barbara(exc.); Strong, Rob(exc.);

Gillotte, Helen(exc.); Avila, Guadalupe(exc.); Kelley, James(exc.); Corrigan,

Robert(exc.); Cullers, Susan(exc.).

Guests: J. Combs, F. McLauchlin, K.

Johnson-Brennan, A. Barnes, H. Matson, G. Whitaker, D. Terrell

Announcements and Report

  • Mitch Turitz

    announced that CFA rebates are available for Asilomar for those who

    are not eligible for presidential subsidies. Chair Vaughn added

    that the presidential subsidies are for tenure-track faculty only.

  • John Elia

    reported on action from the Lecturers' Council. There was much talk about

    the structure and aims of the Council, an idea floated for office space

    and a phone line, and a number of other suggestions.

  • Vaughn reminded senators that

    there are administrative review committees for Paul Fonteyn, Donald Zingale,

    and Jacob Perea. There will be an administrative review of Provost La

    Belle in the spring. Please put forward names of interested faculty to

    participate in the first three reviews.

  • EPC (the joint committee of

    the Academic Policies Committee and the Curriculum Review and Approval

    Committee) will be meeting to consider discontinuance of the following

    degree programs: BS in Business Administration: Logistics Management Concentration

    only; Minor in Intercultural Skills; Minor in Meteorology; Construction

    Practices Certificate Program; Preschool/Daycare/Early Childhood Education

    Certificate Program.

  • Vaughn reported briefly on

    the Statewide meeting of CSU Academic Senate Chairs, where their discussion

    focused on responses to CSU accountability indicators and on questions

    surrounding the CMS management system. The Statewide Academic Senate chairs

    will be sending forward a recommendation for asking for a financial report

    on CMS. They will be working with Gary Hammerstrom to develop an expanded

    indicator on campus relations, which addresses shared governance.

  • Vaughn also mentioned her

    holiday gift to senators, an article by Neil Hamilton, "The Academic Profession's

    Leadership Role in Shared Governance."

  • Agenda Item #1 - Approval

    of Agenda for December 5, 2000

    M/S/P (Gregory, Duke)

    to remove Agenda Item #4, moving all remaining agenda items up.

    The agenda was approved

    as amended.

    Agenda Item #2 - Approval

    of Minutes for November 21, 2000

    The minutes were approved

    as printed.

    Agenda Item #3 - Report

    from Vice President La Belle

    Vice President La Belle

    outlined his perspective on the CSU accountability indicators in the wake

    of the Statewide meeting of CSU provosts, talking about what he learned

    and what he tried to teach concerning the goals that have been discussed


    La Belle listed his most significant

    perspectives, first pointing out that the goals are not necessarily those

    of the campuses, with progress to degree as one example. Second, these

    goals require reallocation of resources, but we do not receive new resources

    to meet these goals, with remediation as a significant example, where

    we shift about $1 million. Third, there is a lack of leadership from the

    Chancellor's Office in conceptualizing the problems and how one might

    reach these goals. Fourth, La Belle raised the issue of the larger meaning

    of all of this, suggesting, for example, that you cannot tell what's going

    on in the schools by telling the legislature how many teachers we are

    working with. Finally, comparisons were not to be made but comparisons

    are inherent in this process by taking forty pages of documents and boiling

    them down to two pages of tables.

    La Belle recounted having shared

    these perspectives and being told to relax. If legislators and trustees

    are satisfied, then we should be. This is a political process, and in

    some ways the Chancellor is trying to ward off standardized exit exams

    for all students.

    Speaking specifically about

    indicator #11, La Belle suggested that we can already prepare a pretty

    good institutional profile. The tricky part is the outcome part, and he

    suggests putting that in the department's hands. He would not try to disentangle

    campus and other resources. He noted that this first report covers two

    years; it will come around again in three years. He suggested that departments

    not just submit FARs, including some context, some narrative and a limit

    of five pages, and building this process into other things we are already

    doing, which would make this something for us and not just them. Doing

    so, we would present them with a thoughtful report about the achievements

    of the faculty. He added that after the department's maximum five page

    report, deans would be asked to provide a report that is a maximum of

    ten pages.

    Agenda Item #4 - Approval

    of Faculty Representatives to the Filipino Community Mural Arts Committee


    introduced this item, summarizing that the Cesar Chavez Student Center

    Governing Board has formed a Filipino Community Mural Arts Committee.

    The members include two members of the faculty approved by the Academic

    Senate, and the Filipino Community Mural Arts Committee is requesting

    that the following faculty be approved to serve as faculty representatives:

    Wei Ming Dariotis (Asian American Studies) and Helen Toribio (Ethnic Studies).

    M/S/P (Duke, Cherny)

    to approve.

    The vote was taken and the

    faculty were approved.

    Agenda Item #5 - Proposed

    Revisions to Course Offerings in the Master of Science Degree in Nursing

    Alfred Wong, Chair of the

    Curriculum Review and Approval Committee,

    introduced this consent item, noting that the proposed revisions are in

    response to guidelines for graduate nursing education issued by the new

    national accreditation organization, the American Association of Colleges

    of Nursing.

    M/S/P (Edwards, Shrivastava)

    to second reading.

    M/S/P (Smith, Shrivastava)

    to close debate.

    The vote was taken and the

    proposal was approved unanimously.

    Agenda Item #6 - Proposed

    Resolution on Accountability Indicator #11: Faculty Scholarship and Creative



    introduced this consent item from the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

    She recounted the history of this item in Senate discussions, adding that

    items #4 and #5 have been added to this proposed resolution after discussion

    with La Belle.

    Vaughn read those two items

    from the draft resolution in full.

    Robert Cherny

    asked about the timeline for this item. La Belle replied that the campus

    report is due July 1, but he added that we were trying to set up a framework

    soon so that work could be started in February. Cherny asked an additional

    question of Provost La Belle, first praising La Belle's statements in

    his report, then wondering whether he thought that amendments were in

    order to do the things he was suggesting, while speaking in favor of adoption.

    Vaughn pointed out that this is a resolution containing recommendations,

    rather than a policy. La Belle suggested changing to "suggested" page

    limits and voiced his pleasure with the resolution.

    Jerry Duke

    raised a concern about item #4. He went back to #1, "list the campus initiatives

    ..." and number #7, "to assess the support ..." But in #4 we don't ask

    faculty to connect their achievement to the support. Vaughn replied that

    #1 addresses data that's available in administrative offices; #4 is the

    only one that addresses departments. La Belle suggested the difficulty

    of separating what is due to campus or other resources, and he believed

    that departments consider this issue wherever possible, but the cause

    and effect is difficult. Vaughn suggested we could provide clarification

    and examples with what goes to department chairs.

    Midori McKeon

    commented that departmental reports and FAR reviews will be going on at

    the same time but in a separate manner, which will be a duplication of

    effort. Vaughn first reiterated the Provost's suggestion to make these

    various reporting activities serve more than one purpose; she added that

    if a department chooses to participate, there is no reason that a chair

    cannot use the FARs as the basis for their department report.

    Sung Hu

    spoke in favor of the guidelines, but he recommended that we send a copy

    of this resolution to other CSU Academic Senates. This was added to the

    resolution as a friendly amendment.

    M/S/P (Duke, Shrivastava)

    to second reading.

    M/S/P (Duke, Bernstein)

    to close debate.

    The vote was taken and the

    resolution was approved.

    Agenda Item #7 - Resolution

    Honoring Hollis Matson

    Chair Vaughn

    introduced resolutions honoring Hollis Matson and Bernadette Pichay together.

    Chair Vaughn read the following resolution in honor of Hollis Matson:

    WHEREAS, Hollis Matson served

    nobly and ably as Chair of the Academic Senate from 1994 to 1996; and

    WHEREAS, she exhibited, as

    'Czarina of Space,' both efficiency and fairness; and

    WHEREAS, she demonstrated,

    as friend and colleague, integrity, inspired moral leadership, wisdom

    and kindness in all she undertook; and

    WHEREAS, she was ever diligent

    in her advocacy on behalf of faculty and students and in her desire to

    improve the quality of life on our campus; and

    WHEREAS, she has decided to

    retire from San Francisco State University after years of distinguished

    service; and

    WHEREAS, her retirement will

    leave a void in leadership on this campus which cannot be filled;


    that Hollis Matson receive sincere congratulations and best wishes for

    a long and happy retirement; and


    Hollis Matson be enrolled among the legendary personalities of the Academic

    Senate and be memorialized in its oral history; and


    Hollis Matson receive the title dux femina senatus docta et emerita; and


    Hollis Matson be endowed with the deep and everlasting gratitude of the

    Academic Senate and the entire University community.


    suggested the following friendly amendment to the penultimate resolve

    close: changing title to "titles" and adding the words "and also caesar

    spatii emerita." The amendment was accepted.

    The resolution passed unanimously

    with thunderous applause, appropriate laughs, and a few tears.

    After the ritual receipt of

    old Asilomar gifts--and at least one nice item--Matson remarked

    that she was the first eccentric chair that Pichay had to deal with. She

    commented on the thrill and privilege of accepting this recognition after

    twenty years on this campus, and she also noted the exhilaration of her

    work on the Senate.

    Agenda Item #8 - Resolution

    Honoring Bernadette Pichay

    Chair Vaughn

    read the following resolution in honor of Bernadette Pichay:

    WHEREAS, Bernadette Pichay

    has served the Academic Senate efficiently, loyally and unstintingly since

    1994; and

    WHEREAS, she has dealt with

    the eccentricities and egos of five Academic Senate chairs; and

    WHEREAS, she knows all policies

    and where to find them; and

    WHEREAS, she has contributed

    greatly to the success of numerous Asilomars and Asilo-Campuses; and

    WHEREAS, she has demonstrated

    in all her actions integrity good humor, and intelligence; and

    WHEREAS, she has exercised

    her best judgment in deciding, at this time, to do what is best for herself,

    if not for those she leaves behind;


    that Bernadette Pichay receive the thanks of the entire Academic Senate

    and of all who have served in the Senate sine 1994; and


    Bernadette Pichay be enrolled among the legendary personalities of the

    Academic Senate and be memorialized in its oral history; and


    Bernadette Pichay be made an honorary member of the Academic Senate in

    perpetuum; and


    Bernadette Pichay always hold a special place in the hearts of all who

    know her but especially in the hearts of all Academic Senators.


    added a special note of thanks from the perspective of Statewide Senators,

    who have relied on Pichay for processing difficult paperwork in a way

    that surpasses all of their statewide colleagues from other CSU campuses.

    He also introduced the following friendly to the second whereas clause:

    "And a larger number of Statewide Senators whose eccentricities and egos

    may match or even exceed those of senate chairs." The amendment was accepted.

    The resolution passed unanimously

    with thunderous applause and a few tears.

    After the ritual receipt of

    old Asilomar gifts--and a few useful items--Pichay thanked all

    Senators for their kindness.

    Vaughn thanked Senators for

    their hard work this semester and wished them a wonderful holiday.

    The Senate was adjourned at


    Respectfully submitted,

    Dane Johnson

    Secretary to the Faculty