All-University Committee on Honorary Degree

Reference Number: S91-171
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, January 01, 1991


Academic Senate Policy S91-171

At its meeting of May 14, 1991, the Academic Senate approved the following

policy establishing an All-University Committee on Honorary Degrees:

BACKGROUND. All earned degrees granted in the California State

University are awarded "upon recommendation of the faculty." All honorary degrees

are granted by the Trustees of the California State University following the

procedure outlined in the Trustees' Guidelines for Awarding Honorary Degrees.

These Guidelines specify that all recommendations originating in any

of the campus committees shall be submitted through the President, and that

the President shall establish a committee to review the recommendations and

assist in the compilation of materials in support of the campus nominations.

In October, 1989, the California State University Academic Senate, in its resolution

"Campus Faculty Involvement in Awarding Honorary Degrees," AS-1898-89/FA, recommended

that "at least three faculty selected according to procedures established by

the campus Senate will serve on the campus committee."

SCOPE AND CRITERIA. In the CSU, honorary degrees may be awarded

for the following purposes: to recognize excellence and extraordinary achievement

in significant areas of human endeavor, within which are embodied the objectives

and ideals of the California State University; to honor meritorious and outstanding

service to the California State University, collectively, or to its campuses,

individually, to the State of California, to the United States, or to humanity

at large; to recognize men and women whose lives and significant achievements

should serve as examples of the California State University's aspirations for

its diverse student body. Nominees for honorary degrees must be distinguished

in their respective fields, and the eminence of persons nominated must be widely

recognized. Nominees must have demonstrated intellectual and humane values that

are consistent with the aims of higher education, and with the highest ideals

of the persons' chosen fields.

COMMITTEE GOVERNANCE/MEMBERSHIP. The Committee on Honorary Degrees

shall have nine members. It shall be an on-going body. The length of term for

each member shall be two years (the first all-University election will produce

staggered terms: two faculty will be elected for two-year terms and the third

for a one-year term.) The committee shall elect one of its members to be the

chair. Support staff shall be provided by the Office of the Vice President

for Academic Affairs.

The Committee members shall be as follows:

One representative from the Alumni Council (appointed

by that group);

Three members of the teaching faculty elected in an all-University


Two members appointed by the President of the University;

One member appointed by the Staff Council;

One member appointed by the Associated Students;

One member appointed by the SFSU Retirement Association.