Campus Ombudsperson Policy (Not Approved)

Reference Number: S83-110
Senate Approval Date: Saturday, January 01, 1983


Academic Senate Policy Recommendation #S83-110


At its meeting of May 17, the Academic Senate approved the following policy recommendation for a Campus Ombudsperson:









The Academic Senate requests that the President designate a person as Campus Ombudsperson.  The Ombudsperson shall serve the University community as an impartial, neutral person to assist in the informal resolution of misunderstandings, confusion, and problems.  The Ombudsperson’s methods of operation shall be inquiry, negotiation, and persuasion.


The Ombudsperson shall submit a report to the Student Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate and the President at the end of each school year.




*****Not to be considered policy until approved by the President*****

June 20, 1983


TO: Dr. Becky Loewy, Chair 

Academic Senate


FROM: Paul F. Romberg, President


RE: Academic Senate Policy #S83-110



I have reviewed Academic Senate Policy #S83-110, Policy for Campus Ombudsperson, and return it without my approval. The ‘Ombudsperson” concept has been addressed by the University in the past and many of the previous objections still apply. What I would hope is that both faculty and administration act in the best interests of the student body i.e. be ombudspersons. The policy leaves too many unanswered questions and fails to address a real need.