Continuing Education Units Policy

Reference Number: S77-020
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, April 26, 1977

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are defined as those non-credit units earned in Extension programs and activities which conform to criteria delineated in this policy.


One CEU is equal to ten clock hours of educational contact. In no instance may a CEU be transferred for academic credit.


The CEU program is established on this campus through the authority of Executive Order 255. The program is intended to serve the needs of professionals who must take approved Continuing Education Units to meet relicensure or certificate requirements, of employees seeking opportunities to receive recognition through educational experiences focused on their particular task, and individuals who find it meaningful to accumulate tangible and measurable indicators of organized learning experiences.


The Continuing Education Division of San Francisco State University shall administer the CEU program. Administration of this measurement unit includes the following elements, criteria, and procedures:


1. Designation of Programs - Non-credit programs that are proposed by various segments of the campus or contracting agencies in the community will be reviewed for CEU assignment in terms of the

a. extent of participation in planning of the program, by potential consumers,

b. stated objectives and purposes of the program,

c. means of evaluating the educational experience of a non-credit course,

d. detailing of the time schedule, and

e. If a Continuing Education enterprise proposed for CEU credit involves an area which is treated by any department or program at San Francisco State University, CEU credit for such a course of study can occur only after approval of the course of study by the relevant department(s) or program(s).


2. Assignment of CEU - The CEU normally is accorded in terms of clock hours. The Dean of Continuing Education shall make the unit assignment after the actual time schedule has been completed, and upon recommendation by the department or discipline involved of the number of units to be granted. Partial CEUs will be assigned to meet the variability of time offerings (e.g., a one-day seminar involving six contact hours may be assigned .6 CEUs)


3. Recording and Reporting - The administration of the program includes establishing class lists. Upon completion of the course, the instructor of record shall certify successful completion by the students on the list. Continuing Education shall record the CEUs in a separate file and forward the CEU statement to the participants.


The incremental costs for this recording and reporting service shall be added to the overall cost estimate of conducting this program and will be added to the program fee.