Incomplete Grade (revised)

Reference Number: F95-195
Senate Approval Date: Friday, September 01, 1995


Academic Senate Policy #F95-195

(Formerly #2G)

At its meeting of December 5, 1995, the Academic Senate approved the following

policy on the Incomplete Grade:

The 'I' symbol shall be used only when the faculty member concludes

that a clearly identifiable portion of course requirements, normally 25% or

less, cannot be met within the academic term for unforeseen compelling reasons

beyond the student's control. An Incomplete shall not be assigned when

it is necessary for the student to attend a major portion of the class when

it is next offered. An Incomplete is also prohibited where the normal

practice requires extension of course requirements beyond the close of a term,

e.g., thesis or project type courses. In such cases, use of the 'SP' (Satisfactory

Progress) symbol is required. The conditions for removal of the Incomplete

shall be reduced to writing by the instructor and given to the student with

a copy placed on file with the appropriate campus officer until the Incomplete

is removed or the time limit for removal has passed.

The instructor will specify the completion deadline for remaining course requirements.

The amount of time allowed will normally be two academic semesters or less.

An Incomplete shall be removed within one year following the end of the

term during which it was assigned; provided, however, that extension of the

one-year time limit may be granted by petition for contingencies such as intervening

military service and serious health or personal problems. The instructor will

specify a grade that the student may receive if no further work is submitted

before the deadline. In order to change an 'I' grade to any other grade,

a Change of Grade Petition must be completed. If the Incomplete

is not removed within the prescribed time limit, or any extension thereof, it

shall be counted as a failing grade in calculating grade point average and progress