Observance of Religious Holidays Policy - CURRENT

Reference Number: S09-212
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Academic Senate Policy



Policy on Observance of Religious Holidays


(Formerly policy #F00-212)

(n.b.: This policy incorporates revisions approved by the Academic Senate on 28Apr2009.)


The faculty of San Francisco State University shall accommodate students wishing to observe religious holidays when such observances require students to be absent from class activities. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor, in writing, about such holidays during the first two weeks of the class each semester. If such holidays occur during the first two weeks of the semester, the student must notify the instructor, in writing, at least three days before the date that he/she will be absent. It is the responsibility of the instructor to make every reasonable effort to honor the student request without penalty, and of the student to make up the work missed.

This policy shall be included in the University Bulletin, appropriate websites, the Faculty Manual, and undergraduate and graduate student handbooks. Faculty are encouraged to include the policy statement in their course syllabi. Students wishing to be excused from class attendance for religious observances must submit a written request to their instructors prior to their absences, as stated in the policy above.

Each academic year, Academic Affairs shall notify all deans, chairs and directors regarding this policy including information on an appropriate religious holiday calendar so faculty can plan their syllabi with current information.


***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on April 28, 2009***


***Signed by President Robert A. Corrigan on June 3, 2009***