Qualifications for Tenure Track Hire Policy

Reference Number: S89-159
Senate Approval Date: Sunday, January 01, 1989


Academic Senate Policy S89-159

At its meeting of February 28, 1989, the Academic Senate approved the following policy regarding the educational qualifications for tenure track hire. This policy replaces policy S78-30, Doctoral Equivalency and is in compliance with Title 5, California Administrative Code, Section 427ll.


Educational Qualifications for Tenure Track Hire


Educational qualifications for tenure track hires will be specified in position announcements.


It is the University's policy to require the doctoral degree from an accredited institution for candidates for tenure track positions in all fields where the doctoral degree is the terminal degree. In interdisciplinary fields, the doctoral degree requirement may be met by possession of a doctorate in a related field or in an interdisciplinary subject.


In the event an individual is appointed to tenure track status without completing the doctoral degree, the letter of appointment shall clearly stipulate the date by which the doctoral degree must be completed.


In fields where the master's or some other degree is considered to be the terminal degree for that field (e.g., the Master of Fine Arts for studio and performing artists or the Master of Library Science for librarians) the appropriate degree will satisfy the educational qualification for tenure track appointment. Decisions regarding whether or not a specialized degree is the terminal degree for a particular field shall be based upon documented national or international standards, e.g., those set by professional associations or accrediting agencies.


The final decision in cases of disagreement over what constitutes the appropriate terminal degree for appointment to tenure track status shall be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Exceptional individuals may be hired on tenure track status who do not possess the doctoral or appropriate terminal degree. Recommendations to hire individuals who do not possess the doctorate or appropriate terminal degree must be accompanied by documentation of the combination of formal training and scholarly work which provides clear evidence of scholarly or creative attainments equivalent to the level of a doctoral or appropriate terminal degree.


Each recommendation to hire an individual on tenure track status shall include a review of the educational qualifications of the proposed candidate by the departmental hiring committee, the department chair and the dean based upon evidence presented by the candidate. Final decisions regarding offers of tenure track appointment are made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee.


In those rare cases where the individual does not possess the requisite terminal degree, the documentation of formal training and scholarly or creative work shall accompany the tenure track appointment recommendation. The individual's resume, and accompanying external evaluations of scholarly or creative achievements, must be convincing to all levels of review.


San Francisco State University does not recognize doctoral or other terminal degrees from unaccredited institutions. Appointments to tenure track status shall be based upon possession of terminal degrees from accredited institutions only.