Athletics Advisory Board S92-174 -- Superseded by S94-175b

Reference Number: S92-175
Senate Approval Date: Wednesday, January 01, 1992

Proposal for an Athletics Advisory Board

Academic Senate Policy #S92-175

At its meeting of April 21, 1992,
the Academic Senate unanimously approved the following policy recommendation
from the Executive Committee:


The intercollegiate athletics
program at San Francisco State University should be structured and operated in
a manner consistent with the educational mission of the University and in
accordance with the primacy of academic values. The purpose of the Athletics Advisory Board is to ensure
that the goals and functions of the intercollegiate athletics program continue
to reflect the academic priorities of the University.


1. The
Board shall recommend policy as needed to ensure the effective operation of the
intercollegiate athletics program in concert with the educational mission of
the University.

2. The
Board shall recommend policy as needed to ensure that student-athletes can
achieve their educational goals.

3. The
Board shall serve as a liaison between the inter-collegiate athletics program
and the rest of the campus community.

4. The
Board shall monitor and make recommendations as needed regarding such aspects
as sports offerings, administrative staffing, fund raising, and long range

5. The
Board shall review and make recommendations as needed in response to concerns
regarding equity within the intercollegiate athletics program.


The Athletics Advisory Board shall
consist of the following members:

Three faculty members selected by
campus-wide election

One full-time member of the coaching
track faculty at the rank of Head Coach or Coach, elected by a pro rata vote of
the coaching staff

A student-athlete enrolled and
competing in the current year, selected by current student athletes

Two students, one male and one
female, selected by the President of Associated Students with the approval of
the Associated Students Legislature

The two Faculty Athletic
Representatives of the University, appointed by the President with the
endorsement of the Senate

One alumni member, appointed by the

The Chair of the Kinesiology
Department (non-voting)

The Athletic Director (non-voting)

The Dean of the School of HPER


The terms of office of the elected
faculty members shall be staggered, three-year terms. The terms of all other members are renewable annually. All members of the Board shall be
selected in the spring semester.
Terms of office shall commence on June 1.

The Board shall elect its own chair
from among the voting membership.

Staffing for the Board shall be
provided by the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics.

The Board shall meet a minimum of
twice per semester, with the first meeting occurring prior to the first fall
inter-collegiate contest.

The Board shall make recommendations
to the President in all matters pertaining to the intercollegiate athletics
program at SFSU, and shall prepare an annual written report to the President
and Academic Senate detailing its activities.